Following the huge success scored by the triple-layer parquet flooring newcomer "Carcassonne" last time around, at the upcoming DOMOTEX in January, the global laminate and parquet flooring specialist LAMETT is raring to unveil its new "Yukon" ParquetVinyl collection. The idea behind ParquetVinyl is to embellish the latest innovations in vinyl-based floor coverings with an unparalleled natural look. LAMETT proclaims the resulting "Yukon" collection to be virtually indistinguishable from actual wood, including deceptively realistic cracks and knots on boards structured and designed to create an authentic wooden feel using innovative EIR technology.

One of the major advantages of "Yukon" is its fully waterproof finish, even on beveled edges (generally a notorious weak point!), making it an ideal floor covering in damp rooms such as bathrooms or kitchens. "Yukon" is easy to install using an extremely convenient click system and features an integrated IXPE backing that evens out any irregularities in the subfloor, while also improving acoustics. Its stable carrier consists of 70 percent limestone and is entirely plasticizer-free, which is topped with a layer of film printed in high resolution, followed by a robust, transparent wearing surface (usage class 33) and finished off with a matt PU, anti-slip coating. Customers keen to capture this unique effect can choose from two options for laying the floor - either in parallel rows of classic boards or adopting a zig-zag fishbone design.