Amorim Cork Flooring, known worldwide for its pioneering cork flooring, presents a spectacular reinterpretation of the centuries-old raw material cork with the bright red and unusually patterned Mars design. In keeping with the name of the new creation, the company invited former NASA astronaut Scott Kelly to take part in a special quality test. Having spent 340 days in space without interruption, Kelly is one of the most experienced astronauts ever. When he was asked to describe the feeling of walking on the cork floor, which according to the manufacturer is as elegant as it is smooth and supple, the usually eloquent Kelly was almost speechless. "Walk on Amazing" was initially all that could be elicited from the NASA veteran.

The special Mars flooring is intended to highlight the potential of cork to combine design with performance and sustainability and to literally open up new horizons for this traditional raw material. Amorim talks about wanting to pave new ways for cork in interior design - natural beauty, innovative, forward-looking and sustainable flooring solutions.

"Our cork floor coverings offer many advantages, such as comfort, health, performance and sustainability. They reduce footfall and room noise by up to 53 per cent. They are very energy-efficient, as cork is a natural insulating material and helps to keep the room temperature pleasant and constant all year round. Cork is also a natural, renewable and sustainable raw material," explains Fernando Melo, CEO of Amorim Cork Flooring.