One of the areas where Saurer Twisting Solutions is using automation to deliver significant customer benefits is in material transport. The company's automation solutions are tailored to the needs of its customers to ensure they can reap the rewards of optimum material flows throughout their entire doubling mill. Ingenious solutions such as lifters combined with the FlexFlow rail transport system and the fully automated PackDrive material handling truck aim to deliver automation that is fit for the future. The CarpetCabler 1.10 and CarpetTwister 1.10, meanwhile, are from a new generation of carpet strand machines designed to give users everything they need to tackle even the most extreme requirements of a vibrant market with confidence and expert skill.

Since virtually all production parameters can be adjusted centrally, and thanks to the intuitive user interface and newly designed take-up area, changeover times on the new carpet strand machines are reportedly significantly shorter. What's more, state-of-the-art drive technology and the innovative yarn sensor system for monitoring strand quality bring considerable added value for users.

Saurer's digital mill management system, "Senses", has been designed to pool and analyze production, quality and performance data from different areas - including machinery from other manufacturers. According to the exhibitor, this ensures companies can identify deviations, quality fluctuations and irregularities in real time and therefore respond faster. Moreover, once collated, this data can also be used to analyze processes with a view to identifying opportunities for improvement.