A visit to the stand run by Döllken Profiles GmbH offers the perfect opportunity to take a closer look at new products such as the adjustable strip cutter, new designer skirting and stair edge nosing. There's also a special treat in store for trades professionals who like to keep their finger on the trigger - the new HKP 2.0 E, the first electronically controlled hot-melt adhesive gun designed specifically for securing skirting in place.

Visitors to DOMOTEX 2020 can even try out the next evolutionary step after the tried-and-tested, hand-operated HKP 220 for themselves. Key features include an electric glue-stick intake system and the option to choose between two output levels. According to Döllken Profiles GmbH, the HKP 2.0 E helps users work much faster and with greater precision. For instance, the two output levels mean users can choose between working with a larger volume of adhesive for long, straight sections of wall, for example, or carefully metered quantities for smaller areas or intricate work. Gone are the days when glue guns had to be continuously pumped and regulated by hand - something that's sure to be welcomed by anyone with an itchy trigger finger who has had a shot backfire on them before. Döllken Profiles GmbH promises that, all in all, the new HKP 2.0 E will enable users to install more meters of skirting in the same time.