Three generations of the same family have run DECOSPAN with a determination to pursue and share an insatiable passion for wood. This devotion is rooted in an unshakable belief that the warmth and beauty of wood enhances our quality of life. That is why the Belgian-based company develops holistic solutions designed to integrate this unique, renewable resource into our day-to-day environment wherever possible. This market-driven lifestyle company is constantly talking to customers, manufacturers and developers, in the knowledge that it can always find the right solution in its extensive range of products for wall, ceiling, floor, furniture and acoustic applications. Naturally, it is the company’s flooring division that is taking center stage at this year's DOMOTEX, bringing two high-end brand solutions that offer a deft response to the latest trends and design preferences.

The first solution from DECOSPAN is CABBANI, which aims to bridge the gap between high-quality European oak parquet flooring and contemporary architecture, and the second is PARKY - the real star of the show. In an attempt to counter the current consumer craze for laminate and vinyl flooring, DECOSPAN has been heralding a veritable "PARKY" revolution in the run-up to DOMOTEX 2020. What makes PARKY so special is its real wood surface. Given the high value of this natural material, DECOSPAN uses just a thin layer of wood as the top layer. However, that is enough to lend each and every board the attractive, natural and unique look and unmistakable warmth of real wood. Of course, there are practical benefits to the new design solution, too. Every PARKY board - including its grooves - is sealed with the Aqua Sealing Complete system, which gives users up to 12 hours to clean away liquids and marks without leaving a trace. PARKY also has a "titanium finish" consisting of no fewer than eight robust layers of varnish. This makes the flooring resistant to scratching and ideal for heavy use, as does the exceptionally stable HDF base. To ensure all these benefits don't come at the expense of Mother Nature, DECOSPAN uses only wood from sustainable forests, and all the boards are completely recyclable. What's more, thanks to the use of renewable energy in production and for heating, DECOSPAN has set itself the target of operating on a CO2-neutral basis in the medium term.