Three letters stand out in the branding for DECORUGS - ECO - and that's because Verbatex is committed to the circular economy. The flat-woven wool qualities the company has launched in this collection - NORA, ELLA, SARA, ANA & ONA - have been specially designed to support this eco-friendly concept. Not only do these wools produce rugs that are environmentally friendly, they are also a feast for the eyes and luxurious to the touch. Moreover, Verbatex has extended its exceptionally eco-friendly approach to include the backing and viscose it uses for its exquisite products.

For example, Verbatex uses "regenerated cotton", an innovative recycled fiber that aims to stem the tide of waste. According to the company, around 40 percent of cotton that is grown is wasted between harvesting and the completion of finished garments - the equivalent of approximately 600,000 metric tons of cotton fiber. To close the loop and achieve a circular economy, Verbatex is using this waste to spin a special range of viscose fibers called WalkSoft, which it is using in its rugs.