There's a lot going on at a world-leading trade fair. Besides the keynote theme, there will be a whole host of brand-new products to explore - and even some brand-new companies. This year, the fledgling Belgian brand Silva Floors is among the roster of exhibitors making their first appearance at DOMOTEX 2020. And with the event just around the corner, Rene Jacobs, the company's sales director, is already eager to make a good impression: "We are ready to introduce Silva Floors to the public at DOMOTEX. We're excited to be making our first appearance at a trade fair that attracts all the flooring industry experts. It's the perfect opportunity to purchase new solutions and enter into new partnerships, but also to get inspired. We are proud to be among all these international exhibitors."

Silva Floors, with its "solid floors made from 100-percent Belgian products", was launched on the international B2B market in May 2019. The company is managed by Steven Swaegers, an industry insider with 15 years of experience in the flooring business. "Our collection of parquet floors is finished with the utmost care and attention to detail. They are available in different sizes, qualities and colors and are also very easy to maintain," says Swaegers.

In particular, Silva Floors focuses on providing new, rustic flooring with the look of a 100-year-old floor, while maintaining contemporary user-friendliness. This is achieved by combining the right wood with the right structures and careful treatment and finishing. This is followed by a natural drying process, designed to add those all-important extra details to the floors, whose quality and nuanced color should not be underestimated. Jacobs is aware that the parquet flooring from Silva Floors is not a product for the mass market: "We're in a niche market and are looking for very specific, active partners. These are companies that want to get down to work and deliver results. We expect our customers to sell our products with the right service and to act as ambassadors for the philosophy that is at the very core of our company. Consumers need to know what they're buying and what they're investing in for the future. Buying a floor is often something of an emotional experience - and a happy one at that. We want to keep it that way by offering a product designed to retain its outstanding quality."