ter Hürne, run by brothers Bernhard and Erwin ter Hürne, has made a name for itself as a company that prioritizes sustainable working practices and products with healthy-living qualities. Its dedication to these aspects goes far beyond its long tradition of classic wood products, as demonstrated by yet another innovation celebrating its debut at DOMOTEX 2020.

Under the brand name DURECO, ter Hürne is presenting a floor that is both fully organic and designed to be extremely water-resistant. Its high level of water resistance is achieved using SEAL technology - a combination of various components that combine to provide effective protection from moisture. In fact, NALFA testing has proven that this sealing is so effective it can prevent liquids and standing water from penetrating the surface and reaching the baseboard for up to 24 hours. DURECO's healthy-living and sustainable properties - inherent in all ter Hürne solutions - have been confirmed by both ECO Institute testing and the "Blue Angel" eco-label, making it ideal for anyone looking for a floor made from natural and sustainable materials. This innovation is also tough enough to withstand the rigors of everyday life - especially where liquids are involved.