Cars come from Germany, wine from France, modern furniture from Scandinavia - and the best sushi is... in New York, of course. If it were that simple! This is even more true for carpets and floor coverings. Numerous countries and regions with great traditions in carpet weaving and knotting are spread all over the globe - where can I find the best products? Things get really complicated when it comes to alternatives to carpets. Where does the best wood come from? Can't a tile come from Italy? Which supplier knows best how to install solid coverings permanently and sustainably, and whose adhesive goes best with which ceramic? Hardly any market is as heterogeneous as that of floor coverings, including all the useful and helpful accessories. And hardly any market, apart from perhaps the fashion world, is as dynamic in its expressive possibilities.

Come together – the Hymn to Unity

All this makes it understandable why DOMOTEX, which will finally open its doors again to visitors from all over the world in January 2023, sings the praises of "Connecting Markets" . The last few years, which have been dominated by Corona, have clearly demonstrated to retailers, visitors and, of course, the organiser that no digital format in the world can replace the real encounter on site, the personal exchange, the haptic experience. Especially not in an industry that thrives on tickling the senses as much as it does on the diversity of markets and the cultures inextricably linked to them.

"There will be plenty of new things to discover at the next DOMOTEX. We have used the past year intensively to develop new opportunities for companies to participate and to create a new brand experience for our trade fair guests," explains Sonia Wedell-Castellano, Global Director DOMOTEX, Deutsche Messe AG, and adds: "Extremely valuable for us was and is the exchange with all market participants. The topics of sustainability and the circular economy play a major role. The last two years in particular have shown that topics such as resource efficiency, environmentally friendly products and production processes, but also difficult supply chains are increasingly coming to the fore. With its special showcase THE GREEN COLLECTION, DOMOTEX is focusing on the issue of sustainability and offering exhibitors and visitors a hands-on experience of the key theme. The 'new' DOMOTEX offers all participants plenty of space for experience, orientation, innovation and inspiration, but of course also access to new customers, partners and suppliers. We will be presenting trends, innovations and lifestyle decentrally in the respective exhibition areas. Exhibitors and fair guests can look forward to many innovative ideas. They can discover trends and innovations that will determine tomorrow's business."

Two new strong Labels: RUGS and FLOORING

To optimise orientation for visitors, two new strong labels will be introduced at DOMOTEX 2023: RUGS and FLOORING . The hall layout has been adapted accordingly, making it easier for visitors to gain a targeted overview of the market and at the same time creating new spaces for inspiration. The coming DOMOTEX will thus offer new formats and points of contact in all areas. These include the new Mood Spaces, booths designed by interior designers that represent current trends and express the floor and carpet as an integrated solution. The Spaces are a source of inspiration for the furniture trade and contract designers and, in the spirit of the concept store formats, show which products can be combined to form a themed world.

Contemporary and tried and tested under one Roof

With THE GREEN COLLECTION , another new special show, the theme of sustainability will be focused on a central area and presented in an inspiring ambience. In line with the keynote theme FLOORED BY NATURE , visitors to the special area THE GREEN COLLECTION will get an overview of products and production processes from carpet and flooring manufacturers who stand for sustainability. The international Carpet Design Award (CDA), presented by COVER and HALI Magazines, has remained an integral part of DOMOTEX for years. And so next year designers and manufacturers will once again be honoured with this award.

And what do the exhibitors say?

There is also great anticipation among exhibitors, both international and national, to be able to experience the whole world of carpets and floor coverings in one place in the spirit of Connecting Markets. Eduardo Diaz, Chairman of the Board of UNIFAM, for example, expects important impulses from the upcoming DOMOTEX 2023: "UNIFAM, the Spanish association of manufacturers of carpets and accessories, which has been responsible for the joint participation of its companies at DOMOTEX for 30 years, welcomes the new edition of the world's biggest floor coverings show with renewed enthusiasm to present its novelties, which are the result of constant efforts in research, development and innovation."

And Bernhard ter Hüne, Managing Director of ter Hürne GmbH & Co. KG, confirms in his statement that DOMOTEX has chosen the right path with its central theme of FLOORED BY NATURE to appeal to exhibitors and visitors alike: "DOMOTEX addresses the right themes, which provide us as European manufacturers with the stage for relevant differentiation in the international world of floor coverings. Not to take advantage of this would be a missed opportunity."

This is also the view of Michael Roithner, Central Buyer at POCO Einrichtungsmärkte GmbH and responsible for the Floor Coverings and Carpets division: "Business must go on! We plan to attend DOMOTEX 2023 on all four days of the fair. We are on the lookout for new products with good price/performance ratio, inspiration, sustainable materials and the trends of tomorrow."