When working on floors and walls, considerable amounts of dust are often released. Even if these dusts do not contain any substances directly hazardous to health, they can cause considerable damage to the organism, especially in the long term. Particularly small dust particles can penetrate deep into tissue structures and cause inflammation or even cancer. However, coarse dust can also strain our body, for example the respiratory tract, the skin or the eyes. The top priority in corresponding work should therefore be to avoid dust. This is a task to which Dustcontrol GmbH, among others, has dedicated itself. Since 1972, the Dustcontrol has been developing methods to prevent dust from damaging health.

According to their own statement, Dustcontrol not only has the most effective machines on the market in this respect, but also has by far the largest selection of corresponding accessories - regardless of the type of work involved. The fact that technology and accessories can form a particularly effective unit is now proven by Dustcontrol with the DC 2900H, which has proven itself for general cleaning work as well as for spot extraction on power tools and small table saws. From now on, this vacuum cleaner is also available in the "L" version, equipped with Longopac, a flexible bag system with "endless hose", where the dust can be collected and disposed of in a closed system.

Dustcontrol GmbH (71126 Gäufelden, Germany)
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