When SAICOS COLOUR GmbH was founded by a group of chemists and engineers back in 2002, it had a clear vision. Equipped with a wealth of experience in developing and applying industrial coating systems, the founding members set out to provide durable solutions for embellishing, protecting and preserving wood and wood-based materials. Moreover, they were determined their solutions should be strictly environmentally friendly, pose no health risks and be consistently economical, simple and affordable. It's evident SAICOS COLOUR still stands by these aspirations today and will continue to do so without compromise in the future. In fact, the company is proving at DOMOTEX 2020 in Hannover that its philosophy is still going strong, and is unveiling its new solvent-free "Zero" hard wax oil for wood and cork floors and hard-wearing indoor wooden surfaces.

The new "Zero" hard wax oil from SAICOS COLOUR's Ecoline range is primarily aimed at professionals who set great store by quality and, more importantly, excellent application characteristics. After all, the old proverb that time is money has never been more true. Indeed, processing this solvent-free product is a job best left to professionals, as it takes a fair bit of practice to apply it effectively with the SAICOS spring spatula. Similarly, smoothing out the oil to a smear-free finish calls for the use of a specialist buffer machine. To make the surface even more robust, users can mix additional hardening agents into the hard wax oil before application. Once the job's done, the non-hazardous and breathable coating ensures floors are highly resistant to abrasion and extremely hard-wearing. What's more, end users are sure to be delighted with how easy it is to keep surfaces clean, as SAICOS promises an occasional once-over with a damp cloth is all it takes. But even if, after a lengthy period of time, a few touch-ups are required, there's absolutely no need to worry about sanding the surface beforehand.