Using old wood as fuel might seem the most obvious option in many cases - but not in HWZ International's eyes! The specialist in innovative wooden surface finishes considers this raw material way too valuable to simply send up in smoke. The Swiss company is far keener to focus on recycling and getting maximum use from this precious resource. A prime example of its green philosophy is on show at DOMOTEX 2020 in Hannover, which HWZ International has chosen as the grand occasion to unveil its new INDO premium decorative wall coverings.

The team designed the INDO collection to draw attention to the versatility and ecologically responsible ways in which the natural product wood can be used. All the designs in the collection are crafted by hand in finely tuned production processes, which makes every panel authentic and utterly unique. The team gives full credit to the source of its inspiration and creations - describing the wood as a "gift from nature" that it has reclaimed and embellished to lend a meaningful new lease of life.