"Color separation has never been so easy" is the confident claim made by the developers of the BCF S8, a machine designed to open up countless opportunities for product differentiation. Front and center among Oerlikon Neumag’s exhibits at DOMOTEX 2020 is a carpet yarn system that it says can meet all possible needs when it comes to the color separation of tricolor yarns - from mélange right through to clearly separated. The core component in this process is the new, patent-pending Color Pop Compacting Unit (CPC-T), which delivers a more flexible and even color separation. The option to customize air pressures for each color means pre-tangling can be performed in the CPC-T, thereby accentuating colors and making it possible to achieve over 200,000 different shades.

In the past, it has been extremely difficult to produce highly color-separated or accentuated BCF yarns from polyamide 6 but, thanks to its new design, the CPC-T is now also suitable for processes with low thread tensions. Significant technological modifications to the RoTac³ tangle unit have reportedly resulted in even more efficient BCF yarn tangling. For example, the nozzle has been optimized to enhance airflow and thus reduce air pressure by approx. 10 percent compared to the previous version - but with the same knot strength. What's more, the nozzle bearing arrangements have been improved so users can opt for higher speeds or nozzle rings with more holes, with the aim of creating even more knots in the yarn.