The origins of BOSTIK stretch back as far as 1889, when the Boston Blacking Company was founded in Chelsea, Massachusetts, as a specialist manufacturer of leather colorings and dyes for the shoemaking industry. Over time, BOSTIK has evolved into one of the biggest companies for adhesives and sealants, employing around 5,000 staff in 50 countries on five of the globe's continents. Customers from various markets - particularly industrial manufacturers, construction companies and consumers - put their trust in BOSTIK products. For 2020, BOSTIK made the bold decision to give its entire flooring range a makeover and roll out a brand-new naming structure to boot.

Reportedly inspired by the fact that traders and craftspeople prefer to keep things nice and easy, the company set about significantly cutting the number of products in a bid to achieve more with a simplified portfolio. BOSTIK has also made a fair few tweaks to the names and design of its products. All packaging, for example, now boasts practical features to help customers find exactly what they’re looking for. The new article designations are said to follow a simple, logical system in which all abbreviations are self-explanatory, don't require much getting used to and aim to make the search for the right product a much speedier process.

BOSTIK GmbH (33829 Borgholzhausen, Germany)