UZIN, the biggest and best-known brand of Uzin Utz AG, has built up a strong reputation over more than sixty years for its professional products and expertise in all aspects of application and installation technology. Whether the task is to fix floor coverings in place, lay parquet flooring or treat and prepare substrates, the team is keen to point out: "We're right by our customers' side and ready to help them succeed." This ambition also naturally includes continuous product innovation and developments. The company's latest achievement in this endeavor is UZIN HydroBlock - its first ecologically neutral end-to-end system for preparing substrates in a way that hinders moisture from forming on unheated cement screeds of up to 5 CM-percent.

The HydroBlock system consists of two alkali-resistant special undercoats - Hydro Primer 1 and Hydro Primer 2 - and the moisture-resistant filler Hydro LevelStar. The two undercoats not only importantly help repel moisture within the system components, but also capture any dust and ensure good adherence to the substrate or subsequent application of Hydro LevelStar filler. The special pore structure of this particular filler is meant to absorb water condensation better than ever before and capture any remaining moisture that might somehow get past the two undercoats. Not only are all the system components resistant to alkaline moisture, but they have also earned both the "Blue Angel" and Emicode EC 1 Plus environmental seals of approval. "We are upholding our long-standing principles by launching yet another innovation with the HydroBlock system, aimed at considerably improving floor layers' working conditions and respecting the environment," says Jürgen Walter, Head of Business Unit UZIN. "I am particularly delighted that we provide distinct added value not only to floor layers, but also planners and architects."

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