The rule of thumb when it comes to belts and shoes is that they should always match - this is something that almost all style experts agree on. A similar aesthetic approach could be said to apply to the world of floor coverings. In the eyes of high-quality floor, wall and ceiling specialist ter Hürne, a staircase that is seamlessly integrated into the surrounding flooring creates a smooth transition and a sense of stylish harmony within a living space. The Münsterland-based company sees the interplay between stairs and flooring as crucial to delivering a particular aesthetic effect for interior design. Having now put these ideas into practice, ter Hürne is at DOMOTEX 2018 in Hannover to showcase its new staircase and step system.

The new staircase and step system opens up a wide range of options in contemporary interior design for new-builds and refurbishment projects alike. The key feature of the step elements, which can be sealed at the head end as necessary, is that the wood grain in the tread surface can be continued through, right up to the head edge. For staircases open at one side, this creates the impression that the steps are made from a single piece of solid wood. Meanwhile, the new stair and step system also boasts an exceptionally convenient installation process compared to conventional systems, as the head edge battens do not need to be adapted on site during assembly. "Our pre-assembled ter Hürne components boost efficiency and help save on both time and cost during the installation process - there is no need to saw, sand and glue battens during installation," explains Product Manager Ludger Klein-Menting.