When representatives of the flooring sector from all over the world once again gather at DOMOTEX in January 2019, the latest trend in luxury vinyl tiles (LVTs) will surely surge even further to the fore. Instead of the traditional compressed wood-plastic composite core (WPC), this new generation of vinyl tiles has a solid polymer core (SPC) made from limestone meal, polyvinyl chloride and a stabilizer. One of the pioneers of this SPC technology is the Chinese manufacturer Jiangyin Weixin Plastic. Its cutting-edge LVTs are being premiered at DOMOTEX in January at the stand run by SINEWS trading company.

These SPC tiles boast a series of assets that promise to place them head and shoulders above their WPC predecessors in various respects - first and foremost, their exceptional robustness and stability, which also makes them extremely waterproof. SPC tiles are therefore just as well suited for use in both dry and wet environments, without even the need for professional fitters, as they’re quick and easy enough for anyone to install. What’s more, these new LVTs not only come in a wide range of designs but are exceptionally kind to the environment, as they can be almost entirely recycled after use.