"What drives our work is the continuous reformulation of ideas about contemporary and site-specific spaces. We were inspired by Kurt Schwitters 'Merzbau' (1927-37), which he created in the studio of his family home in Hannover. As designers who work with collage, we have taken up the term 'Merz' invented by Schwitters, and applied both the location and the way of seeing inherent in the concept to the site-specific floor plan for DOMOTEX in Hannover.

The spatial dimension of our installation is not defined by walls. Instead we place the visitor in a context of individual spatial coordinates that radiate from an imaginary center. The collage of images and the diagonal movement on the floor are based on descriptions of the objects that covered the invisible floors and surfaces of Schwitters' 'Merzbau'.
What interests us is how material is defined, and how new values are attributed to it as time goes by. Our main interest lies in reproducing the development of the 'Merzbau' as the 'gradual opening-up of a space', out of which, inside a family home, zones for 'living' and zones for 'art' can unfold."