Following awards for "hi-Tech", "Modular Herringbone" and the "Clip Up System" at DOMOTEX in previous years, Garbelotto is keen to continue its success story with the "Noblesse Dupla Herringbone" collection, presented for the first time at the trade fair in Hannover this year. Two new versions are on show, featuring two different lengths and three different widths. The concept behind "Noblesse Dupla Herringbone" is inspired by the trend for chevrons, which has taken hold in the both the fashion world and the design scene.

Latching onto this new trend, Garbelotto has played with lengths and widths creatively, resulting in wooden floors that are even more exclusive. Other highlights on show include the Xilema line and the Habitat finish. Xilema is a range created using so-called "dead standing trees" - plants that have died in forests and woods and remained there unused for years. These trunks, which have already lost their sap, produce boards with unique, particularly intriguing grain patterns, delivering a solution that is both environmentally friendly and highly attractive. Meanwhile, Habitat is a line of floors designed to optimize the natural “essence” of wood, thanks to a water full-cycle coating treatment that slows down the oxidation of the boards and leaves them exceptionally matt. An installation expert will also be on hand to demonstrate the laying process and key advantages of the award-winning "Clip Up System".