Since it was founded in 1992, Falquon GmbH has focused intently on manufacturing niche products for the laminate flooring sector. Its long list of specialist solutions features high-gloss decors, super-smooth surfaces, plain colors and digitally printed designs. The company is now seizing the outstanding opportunity presented by DOMOTEX 2019 in Hannover to launch "the floor" - the next generation of designer flooring.

Based on a newly developed SPC carrier board, this plasticizer-free flooring boasts the "Made in Germany" quality label and claims to neatly roll all flooring requirements into a single product. The solution can be simply clicked into place on any hard surface, even over tiles with grout lines. Waterproof and dimensionally stable, it can also be laid without any need for acclimatization - even in notoriously tricky areas such as conservatories or beneath ground-level windows. Only when the surface area exceeds 400 square meters do fitters have to worry about expansion joints. An added bonus is there's no mess to clear up, since trimming the floor to length with a cutter knife doesn't produce any sawdust. Available in the three basic designs Stone, Wood and Herringbone, "the floor" can be finished off to perfection with a choice of accessories such as matching skirting boards.