With 70 plants in 32 countries and annual sales of 2.3 billion euros, MAPEI is far and away the global front runner in construction adhesives. Founded in Milan in 1937, the MAPEI Group is renowned for its perfectly harmonized system solutions for fixing everything ranging from tiles and natural stone to textiles, elastic coverings and parquet - both securely and durably. The company is unveiling a completely new stand at DOMOTEX 2018 in Hannover to showcase its end-to-end systems for installing luxury vinyl tiles and wooden flooring and also highlight new products. "We aim to inspire professionals from all over the world who visit our stand. We are demonstrating how many different solutions can be achieved with just one system, leading to new and unconventional methods - all thanks to the endless possibilities unleashed by MAPEI 4 LVT," says Angelo Nobili, Corporate Resilient and Sport Lines Director for the MAPEI Group.

Two MAPEI products will take center stage during DOMOTEX 2018 - TOPCEM and TOPCEM PRONTO. TOPCEM is a special hydraulic binding agent that ensures screed dries extra-fast after the usual application time. It can be used to create compound screeds, screeds on separation layers and insulation, and heating screeds. Suitable for both interior and exterior use, TOPCEM is the perfect choice where screeds need to dry and be ready for use as quickly as possible. TOPCEM PRONTO is a very low-emission, ready-mixed dry mortar that also takes the usual time to apply but dries quickly and with controlled shrinkage. It is particularly suitable for manufacturing compound screeds up to 35 millimeters thick, screeds on separation layers and floating screeds up to 60 millimeters thick, both indoors and out - wherever the substrate needs to dry and be ready for laying the floor without delay. Under normal climatic conditions, a screed enhanced with TOPCEM PRONTO should be ready for walking on after only 12 hours or so, while ceramic tiles and boards can be laid after approximately 24 hours.