Stefany might like to keep things under wraps but here, CEO Hakan Dinc sheds light on what visitors can expect from their Flooring Spaces display at DOMOTEX 2018. Together with designers Ayca Taylan and Nail Egemen Yerce, they provide some intriguing insights into the brand and individualization in the industry.

Mr. Dinc, Stefany is still a young brand. What’s your main aspiration for the company?

Hakan Dinc: "Starting out, we wanted to be part of the competitive market but to head in a different direction – with a different kind of mentality. The brand needed to have vision, not just be a standard carpet company. Chain stores are dominating the market for carpets and home interiors but their buyers are only ever looking for things that are easy to sell. So, everything in the market becomes similar. We are trying to stop this from happening; we want to take a risk. Our designers don't just produce what is popular in the market, they look for what is missing in the market."

Is there great enough demand from your customers for these "missing" products? How does Stefany set itself apart from the chain stores?

Dinc: "Many of our customers are looking for unique products but it's hard to find carpets that are not all over the internet. We like being a secret garden. Online, you may see some of our new colors or concepts, but not our complete products. This is because they are tailor-made to a customer's design. Our designs are exclusive, and we do not want to reveal everything to everyone."

"Women want a design to be something that is completely their own – just like with perfume."

The carpets in your Bellagio collection are described as "one-of-a-kind" – can you elaborate on this?

Dinc: "The inspiration for Bellagio comes from Moroccan rugs. In North African culture, these are known as bride rugs because women make them before getting married. This means they are incredibly personal. It's a fantastic story from a rich culture, with a huge focus on women. I loved the idea and inspiration behind Moroccan rugs and I wanted to create something fresh out of it – keeping the focus on females."

Are women an important focus for Stefany?

Dinc: "The majority of carpet sales today are made to women. That's why the name of our company is 'Stefany': Femininity drives our vision. You have to understand a woman's mentality, vision, and style. How does she think? Women want a design to be special and something that is completely their own – just like with perfume. They want to feel unique and so we have to provide something that is made only for them."

"Everybody is a star and we want to make customers feel this way."

Have you seen an increase in demand for unique, individualized products in the industry? How do you cater for this desire?

Nail Egemen Yerce: "Today, more and more people are experiencing self-exploration; they are more conscious of what they desire. People wish to be understood by companies – so it is very desirable for a company to offer individualized products."

Ayca Taylan: "As designers, we need to understand what people are looking for and offer designs that relate to the customer. We actually had a kind of motto for our DOMOTEX design concept: Be yourself, you are the star. Everybody is unique and we want to make customers feel this way."

The design for your Flooring Spaces display at DOMOTEX looks almost like a catwalk. What was the inspiration behind it?

Yerce: "In terms of space and products, we have tried to show off the rich palette that Stefany has to offer. With regard to concept, there is a great union between interior design and the world of fashion. Fashion is an inspiration for Stefany and it will play a key role in our display this year. You'll see our interpretation of how design can make the customer feel like a star. We want the customer to enter onto a journey of self-discovery while inside Stefany’s world."

Taylan: "We love the U NIQUE YOUNIVERSE theme – it matches perfectly with Stefany's key approach to its customers. Stefany is a firm that puts the customer at the core and values them. You will see that in our displays – because actually we have two stands at DOMOTEX this year!"

Dinc: "But we like to surprise! We encourage people to come and see our display to truly experience it."

What are you most looking forward to about DOMOTEX this year?

Dinc: "We visit exhibitions all over the world to study the market. I have attended DOMOTEX for 16 years now, and I fully appreciate the way it works. But this year, it is the UNIQUE YOUNIVERSE that Stefany is excited to be part of. It corresponds so well to our brand and so we are really glad to be joining DOMOTEX 2018."

Having years of experience in the industry, Hakan Dinc founded Stefany in 2016. Find out more about the brand online , on Facebook , and on Instagram .

For DOMOTEX 2018, this fresh young brand is teaming up with architect and designer Nail Egemen Yerce, founder of Yerce Mimarlik studio and Ayca Taylan, founder of ZAAS .