Whatever the political shake-ups the world has witnessed in the last couple of years, it seems a fairly safe bet that Germans would be the last to resort to old-fashioned warmongering. At least not in mainstream politics. So even the most politically correct observer can surely still crack a smile at the idea of ARDEX GmbH, a family-run business from Witten, launching a flooring "ground offensive" in 2018.

Of course, for the world-leading supplier of high-performance chemical building materials it's just a tongue-in-cheek way of announcing its strategy to keep its offerings right where they belong - on customers' floors.

ARDEX GmbH plans to take DOMOTEX 2018 by storm with its new range of flooring adhesives before bombarding the market with further products and system enhancements as the year goes on. What’s more, the company is planning to deploy a whole new “ground force” of sales staff and technicians to cover construction sites and specialist retailers - so hold on to your hats!