Preparation is widely regarded as one of the more tedious chores involved in any trade. When it comes to laying floors, surfaces often need sanding, grinding, stripping or milling before you can really get down to work. Who wouldn’t seize any tool or machine that minimizes the time and effort plowed into these tedious tasks? Blastrac, a leading manufacturer of floor processing machinery and a pioneer in shot blasting, has now unveiled an absolute trailblazer for machining large surfaces with its new BMG-2200 ride-on floor grinder, under the arresting slogan "Unleash THE BULL".

This impressive ride-on floor grinding machine was specially developed for treating large horizontal surfaces. The two generously dimensioned drive wheels fitted to the front and a swivel castor at the back make this giant assistant surprisingly agile - both at work and on the move. The BMG-2200 is not only impressive in size, technically effective and easy to maneuver - it's also designed with ergonomic operation firmly in mind. Its comfortable seat with armrests on both sides, joysticks, push buttons and touch screen reduce stress and strains on the operator, so even long jobs won't feel like a grind.

Blastrac, a branch of Blastrac B.V. (50829 Cologne, Germany)