"We provide the full spectrum of digital products, including a material scanning service for the flooring industry," explains CEO Florian Wenk. "Our portfolio ranges from 3D rendering and AR and VR solutions to our iunco AI app, which intelligently automates the process of selecting and cutting out floors, so users can quickly and easily superimpose a whole range of flooring products in a whole range of laying patterns."

The iunco VR application enables users to lay virtual surfaces in photorealistic 3D environments in real time. The software computes and renders material characteristics and laying patterns in real time, allowing users to configure floor coverings and wall claddings quickly and without delay. With the iunco AR app, customers can use their smartphones to superimpose virtual floor coverings onto their real floors at home. The technology generates high-resolution textures and supports realistic, real-time light and shadow rendering. And because it is integrated into the iunco cloud, it can access and use all the textures, laying patterns and product information generated by the companion VR application. This dramatically reduces the number of physical samples and swatches vendors have to give to their customers.