Even today, we still hear reports about children being forced to work, sometimes under slave-like conditions, to fuel the greed of an unscrupulous few. Besides mining and the textile industry, carpet production is one of the sectors traditionally beset by this malaise. In 1994, "CARE & FAIR - Teppichhandel gegen Kinderarbeit" (Carpet Trade Against Child Labor) was set up to combat this practice and has been doing its best to improve the situation, however it can, ever since. The association is running a stand at DOMOTEX 2018 in Hannover to draw attention to this anachronism.

At the same time, CARE & FAIR is acutely aware that it would be unwise to ban every form of child labor outright, as unfortunately children’s day-to-day contribution is a necessity for many families' basic survival. With this in mind, CARE & FAIR is performing targeted work in local projects in India, Nepal and Pakistan to help improve these families' precarious circumstances enough to relieve children from this burden. The children's aid organization Terre des Hommes has observed how well this principle works: "Wherever the social situation has improved and children have had a school they could attend, child labor has disappeared."