Siltex AG is a Swiss company based in Sursee that specializes in the production and sale of floor coverings. Outstanding innovative strength really makes it stand out from the crowd. In association with selected industry partners, new products are continually being developed, launched and sold to wholesalers and specialist shops. Siltex AG has not only gained recognition on the key Swiss market, but also at international level. Participating in DOMOTEX 2018 in Hannover - the world's leading trade fair for carpets and floor coverings - is virtually a must and unveiling OUTEX is just one of Siltex's aims at this event.

OUTEX is a unique flooring solution geared specifically to outdoor use. To meet the associated high demands in terms of design and durability, the non-slip, heat-resistant designer surface covering Vintex, which offers excellent UV and weather resistance, is laminated onto a sturdy, heat-treated plank of wood. OUTEX is so tough that the floor should require no special care or maintenance whatsoever. Thanks to these impressive properties, Siltex is promoting OUTEX as an ideal floor covering for decks, swimming pools, garden paths, gazebos and health spas. It also looks good indoors - in conservatories or restaurants, for example. The variety of woven vinyl designs in conjunction with a wide range of colors opens up undreamt-of customization options.