Prado Rugs - a leading manufacturer and exporter of machine-made rugs since 2010, located in the shadow of the Egyptian pyramids - has chosen DOMOTEX 2019 to stage the world premiere of its first collection of exquisite BioGeometry-inspired rugs. The architect and philosopher Dr. Karim Ibrahim has already spent more than 45 years working on BioGeometric principles with the aim of developing metaphysical concepts for use in practical and applied science. The essence of BioGeometry lies in harnessing subtle energies and using special techniques to generate balance and harmony in life - for instance through certain constellations of shapes, colors and numbers, among many other things.

Thus the aim of BioGeometry is to create oases of healing - comparable with the spiritual sites all over the world that humans seek out to re-energize themselves as if from a mystical power supply. The special geometric patterns woven into the BioGeometry-inspired rugs from Prado Rugs are designed to achieve a balance between the left and right hemispheres of the brain to help create a tranquil environment within people's own homes. In the run-up to DOMOTEX 2019, Prado Rugs announced that people trialing this collection of rugs for the first time reported a heightened state of awareness combined with improved cognitive functioning and powers of concentration. The company also points out that independent scientific studies have confirmed the positive health effects of BioGeometric shapes on the numerous biological systems inherent in humans, animals and even plants. Any doubters are warmly invited to take this unique opportunity to sample the effects of BioGeometry during DOMOTEX 2019.