It's no secret that wool rugs contribute toward a healthier home and a better night's sleep. Firstly, this is thanks to virgin wool’s natural cellular structure, which filters fine floating particles such as dust and pollen from the air meaning they can be vacuumed up with minimum fuss and, secondly, because the material neutralizes harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Since it grows back and is completely biologically degradable, virgin wool is also extremely sustainable.

"When it comes to interior design and fashion, everything revolves around natural materials and sustainability," believes Best Wool’s managing director Yvar Monasch, adding: "Yet comfort and luxury are just as important, which is why virgin wool has regained its popular status - really, it never went out of fashion." Monasch, after whom the new Monasch by Best Wool collection of woolen rugs is named, is keen to point out that Best Wool is one of the top three wool specialists in the world, supplying numerous well-known brands both at home and abroad. All the new Monasch rugs are designed to meet individual customer's specific requirements, with a selection of twelve different qualities to choose from in various colors and sizes. In keeping with the company's stringent quality standards, Monasch says it uses only first-rate virgin wool sourced from New Zealand and Europe. What's more, customers can also specify the edging for their rug, with linen, felt, leather and an invisible finishing to choose from.