Schwamborn has been developing and manufacturing innovative products and solutions for over 80 years - all aimed at professionally sanding, milling, cleaning and smoothing floors. This international company based near Stuttgart in Germany plows its entire expertise into assisting property developers, architects, building merchants, floor treatment companies and sanding specialists with their floor-working needs. Its ingenious solutions address all aspects, from manufacturing construction materials right through to installing floors and then protecting and caring for the finished product. Schwamborn has chosen DOMOTEX in Hannover to unveil its new range of dust vacuum systems in January 2019.

A top-to-toe overhaul of its vacuuming and pre-separator range involved optimizing the new series for use with Schwamborn’s construction site machinery. For instance, the STS 260A has been fitted with large abrasion-resistant transportation wheels and a simple click-system hose connection. Wha'’s more, all machines now sport a powerful HEPA filter - and the more heavy-duty models also auto-clean filters, designed to ensure even smoother, continuous operation. The added touches boost the suction power and area covered, while also markedly reducing dust levels on building sites. The dust from construction work, concrete, sanding and plaster is collected in easily transportable transparent plastic Longopac® bags for easy and safe disposal.