When the creative minds at Corà Parquet focus on industrial wooden floorings, it’s not mass-produced parquet they’re interested in, but much rather the wooden "leftovers" used in the 1960s to lay imposing floors in industrial buildings. These were basically an early example of recycling. The differently sized offcuts of a variety of woods were used to create a cost-effective floor covering that was also extremely robust and unique - a concept that seems to merit reprising today, or so Corà Parquet firmly believes. The company from Italy is attending DOMOTEX 2018 in Hannover to showcase its new FABRICA 4.0 collection in northern Europe for the first time.

This new version of the iconic industrial wooden floor reprises its rectangular block form under the name FABBRICA 4.0. The many variations of light and dark elements can be combined to form a natural or vintage-effect surface pattern. FABBRICA 4.0 is also reviving the flooring's good soundproofing properties, its thermal comfort thanks to wood's natural insulation, and its ability to even out any slight unevenness in the floor underneath. This revival is all thanks to an innovative product philosophy, which brings the concept of solid wooden floors up to date and should make laying the floor nice and easy thanks to a plywood core.