DOMOTEX 2020, 10 - 13 January
Interior Design and Architecture

The future beneath our feet

When it comes to design trends in floor coverings, DOMOTEX is the place to be. Interior designers and architects from all around the world gather in Hanover to gain insights into the future of flooring.

02 Nov. 2016
DOMOTEX: a hotbed of creativity and inspiration

So what will tomorrow's flooring look like? Understated and stylish, according to Alfredo Häberli. On 14 January, DOMOTEX 2017 will kick off with the star designer's keynote speech "Future Living". He claims that floor coverings "shouldn't be flamboyant or ostentatious; they should just be there". However, they may serve a greater purpose in the future – absorbing pollutants from the environment or converting steps into energy, for example.

Alfredo Häberli: Special Guest DOMOTEX 2017
The Swiss designer Alfredo Häberli, one of the design stars of his generation, will be a special guest at DOMOTEX 2017

"Observing is the highest form of thinking." Häberli's personal motto also resonates with DOMOTEX. After all, where is it possible to find more eye-catching, inspiring material than at the world’s leading trade fair for carpets and flooring?

Design professionals of all kinds will find answers to their questions at the event in Hanover. What are the most important current and future trends? What are customers looking for? What new ideas are taking the industry by storm? There are keynotes dedicated to all of these topics.

Learning from the experts

Innovations@DOMOTEX Guided Tours
Guided Tours with by big-name architects and designers

Visitors can also experience the new trends firsthand and talk to industry professionals about the latest developments in architecture and design.

Every day of the event, Hall 6 provides the perfect opportunity for discussion, with experts leading group tours through the fascinating world of floor coverings.

Finger on the pulse

DOMOTEX: Carpet Design Awards
Carpet Design Awards: an expert jury elects the best handwoven rugs

Visitors can experience the latest trends in materials, shapes, colors, and structures at Innovations@Domotex (halls 6, 9, and 17). A panel of judges led by renowned designer Stefan Diez has selected all of the items to be exhibited.

Interior designers and architects are sure to find inspiration for future projects. Halls 14 to 17 will showcase the art of handwoven rugs. The finest pieces will be presented at the Carpet Design Awards, the highest accolade for handmade floor coverings. Stephanie Odegard, an acclaimed carpet designer from New York, will lead a jury to elect winners across eight categories.

Designing the future

DOMOTEX: Young Designer Trendtable at Work - Briggs & Cole
Young Designer Trendtable: young Scottish designers Briggs & Cole present concepts for future living

Stefan Diez has assembled a "Young Designer Trendtable" - a group of young designers from five countries tasked with envisioning tomorrow's floor coverings. Using existing materials and production processes, including digital printing systems, they have been exploring new possibilities. The results will be on display at Hall 9.

It's time to get excited!