DOMOTEX 2019, 11 - 14 January
Textile floor coverings

The whole family's traveling from Belgium to Hannover

Europe's leading manufacturer of textile floor coverings, the Balta Group, is bringing all of its family members to DOMOTEX 2018 - balta home, balta carpets, balta carpet tiles, ITC, arc edition, modulyss and Captiqs - to showcase its latest innovations.

08 Jan. 2018

The Belgian group Balta is focusing firmly on new products at DOMOTEX 2018 to remind us that it stands head and shoulders above the crowd. The divisions balta home, balta carpets, balta carpet tiles, ITC, arc edition, modulyss and Captiqs have plenty of surprises up their sleeves and are once again keen to demonstrate the Balta Group’s robust investment in technological innovations and unique design.

Founded in 1964, the Group is Europe’s leading carpeting specialist and a global force in machine-woven carpets and rugs. Not only that, but the Group has also secured a firm and growing foothold in the market for carpet tiles. In the space of just one generation, the Balta group of companies has sky-rocketed from its roots as a family-run business to become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of floor coverings, producing winners such as its arc edition carpets for the contract sector and balta carpets and ITC carpets for retail premises. Captiqs specializes in technical non-woven products, while modulyss and Bentley Mills produce carpet tiles and balta home made-to-measure carpets for the contract sector.

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Balta Industries at DOMOTEX

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