Some 65 percent of U.S. households own a pet according to the American Pet Products Association - and even in Europe, around a third of us share a roof with our furry friends. Researchers suspect that the growing popularity for owning a pet and the resulting close contact between humans and animals will see us exposed to a greater number of allergens and thus potentially spark an increase in pet allergies. With this prospect firmly in mind, Devan Chemicals is heading to DOMOTEX 2019 to demonstrate Purissimo as a very timely solution, inspired by the long-standing success of Purotex - its effective allergen-reduction technology that has been used in the bedding industry for more than a decade.

Slashing the dust mite population by more than 99 percent, Purotex is an established preventative strategy for effectively lowering the risk of allergic reactions to these pesky critters. But because allergens aren't just limited to beds and house dust mites, the Belgian company set out to find other solutions that would diminish the risk of health problems related to allergic reactions. The researchers from Devan Chemicals finally came up with a technology based on probiotic bacteria to fight off allergies that can be triggered by pets such as cats (Fel d 1 allergens) and dogs (Can f 1 allergens). Anyone keen to find out more has the perfect opportunity to do so at DOMOTEX 2019, where they can examine the initial test results – which demonstrate a major reduction of 92.8 percent in cat hair allergens (Fel d 1) for the treated samples.

Because pet allergens can even be found in pet-free homes, this latest innovation from Devan Chemicals is also highly relevant for all kinds of public spaces such as schools, hospitals, libraries and agency offices to help prevent ‘second-hand exposure’. Purissimo’s developers are aiming this cutting-edge solution at treating household textiles such as carpets, curtains, furnishings and much more.