Founded in 1989, the Swiss company NOVORYT AG has dedicated the past 30 years to developing, manufacturing and selling products for improving all kinds of surfaces, such as wood, laminates, foils, cork, linoleum, mineral slabs and even ceramics. The company's aim has always been to provide practical, professional solutions for achieving first-class results with minimum effort. Over the years, it has developed numerous impressively high-quality, handy products. A prime example of this winning combination is NOVORYT Forte, the company's innovative filler for smoothing out imperfections in solid wood. A double winner of the "interzum award" for outstanding quality, NOVORYT Forte eradicates knots, fissures and other blemishes simply, smoothly and in a matter of seconds.

After heating the product (which comes in either granular or stick form) to melting point with the appropriate equipment, NOVORYT Forte is poured into the area requiring treatment and then cooled with an aluminum block. As a result, the wood and its entire surface can be processed as normal. Professional users benefit additionally from the company’s specially designed industrial equipment for working with NOVORYT Forte. At DOMOTEX 2019 in Hannover, NOVORYT AG is unveiling six exciting new colors of its award-winning filler, which you could say completes the full spectrum of applications!