Anyone who has ever worked in sales knows just how make-or-break first impressions can be. One word out of line and you’ll be hard pushed to recover. But it's not only humans who make first impressions. Buildings, particularly public ones, can use their entrance areas to indicate what visitors can expect to find inside. Their walk-off zone (besides protecting floors and reducing cleaning costs) therefore serves another key function - namely ensuring the all-so important first impression is a good one. Having recognized this, Dutch company Rinos decided to take positive action. This specialist for high-quality walk-off entrance mats, which has been keeping hallways spick-and-span the world over ever since 1925, now also delivers some very impressive contemporary designs.

The time is now ripe for Rinos to unveil its "Grafic" collection at DOMOTEX 2019 in Hannover. These new entrance mats focus on high-quality design, with a choice of five perfectly coordinated organic and geometric patterns set against a singular dark gray base color. From a distance the design radiates a sense of tranquility, but a closer look reveals subtle details that make all the difference – not showy but at the same time never dull. Besides this touch of elegance, "Grafic" provides the renowned exceptional quality and functionality of all Rinos walk-off entrance mats. This is also reflected in the range's standards for wear resistance (heavy commercial use, class 33), sand absorption (class 3) and moisture absorption. Last but not least, "Grafic" mats adhere to Bfl-s1 - the very highest flammability class for flooring.