The SWS 9430 segmented roller guider system on show in Hannover is a digital web guiding system in a pedestal design for the exceptionally gentle alignment of virtually all textile webs. While a center support makes it ideal for working widths up to 7,200 mm, the guiding slats divided in the middle are designed to allow the material to spread in width while it is being guided, so it can be passed on to the next process downstream without any longitudinal creases. The compact design of the SWS 9430 is said to make it perfect for use at the infeed of coating units or the exit of accumulators.

Another highlight is the ELGUIDER DRS 71, a web guiding system with a rugged frame, built-in control technology and a separate operating unit for optimum web correction, which can reportedly withstand web tensions of up to 2,000 N. Also taking to the DOMOTEX stage is the ELCUT BTB 01 web cutting device, which trims moving fabric webs at the edges to the exact width required. Following a tried-and-tested shearing cut principle, this device uses powered top and bottom blades to ensure edges are precise and clear-cut. Users can also choose from different blade sets to suit different materials, with the web cutting device predominantly installed after the last process stage, just before rewinding.