How do you experience the international orientation of DOMOTEX 2019? Which exhibitors from abroad impressed you and why? Is there something in particular in the field of international exhibitors, which really caught your interest?

As a Canadian of American heritage my perspective is decidedly that of the North American, which of course influences my aesthetic preferences. On the other hand as a rug and carpet aficionado I appreciate the varied cultures and societies which have and continue to influence rug and carpet making.

Due to the recent embargo on Iranian rugs imposed by the United States it is inspirational to travel to DOMOTEX in order to see carpets currently no longer available in the United States' market. The world of design has long been driven by global influences and DOMOTEX presents the fullest spectrum of these influences - varied, authentic, or otherwise.

Of particular note are the Iranian kilims of Edelgrund. A blend of traditional technique with modern colour sensibilities made for the modern consumer driven marketplace, the kilims perhaps best summarize the history of weaving adapted to a global marketplace and DOMOTEX is the place to see them.

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