Your preparation for DOMOTEX 2019: Why do you visit DOMOTEX as a blogger?

Those who know my writing know I passionately appreciate handmade rugs and carpets and in the past those halls at DOMOTEX featuring handmade are the ones where I would have spent my time. This year however I have given myself the assignment of visiting not only my beloved handmade, but also machine-made, broadloom, and perhaps most importantly fibres and yarns. The reason is simple.

DOMOTEX affords me the ability to conduct an unbelievable amount of research, across a wide variety of flooring categories, in a relatively short period of time. I know of no other flooring show currently that offers this degree of global variety. It truly is the world of flooring.

Now of course I also come to DOMOTEX to enjoy camaraderie with friends and colleagues, but the real work, the reason I attend DOMOTEX is to learn. Specific to this year, I intend to find the most environmentally friendly materials, fibres, and yarns so as to try to understand how we can and must adapt to the needs of the future.

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