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Projects 2020

Julian Modica - "Three-dimensional stone landscape"

The artist Julian Modica from Munich uses mosaic and glass fragments during the DOMOTEX to create versatile, visually appealing rows and ornaments inspired by nature. The project - created especially for the DOMOTEX - will consist mainly of flattened river pebbles. Using a sophisticated and precise mosaic technique, the artist articulates a creative approach to selected forms of nature, building the work of art on the principle of architectural objects, emphasizing the sense of mass, statics, rhythm and balance. His commitment is reflected in the processing of natural materials until they blend in perfectly with the whole. The works of the artist point to the strong energy of nature's materials, which as such have an almost healing effect on the viewer - in the spirit of ATMYSPHERE and the aspects of sustainability and wellbeing.

Serena García Dalla Venezia - "Textile Oasis"

The Art & Interaction zone is where artists present amazing, out-of-the-ordinary interpretations of the "ATMYSPHERE" keynote theme, which relate to health, sustainability and wellbeing. Among them are Serena Garcia Dalla Venezia, from Chile, who will transform textile fibers into a richly colorful landscape of stylized flowers and plants – a “Textile Oasis”.

The artist's idea is to design the display area in such a way that it transforms it into a visually comfortable space - a textile oasis amidst the geometric and harsh qualities of the space. The aim is to convey the feeling of wellbeing and comfort. The room is transformed with a soft textile work in material, colors and form. It will have the following properties:

  • Space layout: The work will be mainly in the corner of the stand and on the floor, making the angle disappear and visually softening the space. There will also be some separate pieces, such as a plant or fungus that appears and disappears when invading a space.
  • Colors: These are mainly a series of shades of green that allude to plants or plant life to create the pleasant feeling of an oasis. It will also have a touch of red and pink to make it warmer.
  • Texture: The work consists of small parts of filled textiles, such as balls and other elongated materials. They are combined to create different textures that create movement, and a large plant that sticks out into the room.
  • Material: A soft and moldable stretch cotton testile. This material is usually used in clothing.
  • Assembly: The textile work consists of several parts, which are joined together to a large extent. The structure is located on a canvas base on which hooks can be attached. The part lying on the ground is only supported.