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It is the tenth time that parquet industry journal Parkett Magazin has presented the respected industry award. The winners were selected for their outstanding achievements in business and their innovative ideas and concepts for the successful marketing of parquet, as determined in the months and weeks leading up to the ceremony by a high-caliber jury of experts representing industry and trade cooperatives. This year, the diversity of the award winners was powerfully emblematic of the sheer breadth and dynamism of an industry that is home to people of all walks, from young entrepreneurs building up their business with the courage and conviction of their new ideas to seasoned business operators who, never resting on their laurels, are always embracing new approaches and ideas, to leading figures whose influence extends beyond their own companies and has shaped the entire industry.

The award for the best parquet presentation went to Fussboden Bauer (Motten-Kothen). Awards for the best commercial remodeling and newbuild projects went to Babschanik (Ebersbach/Fils), Parkett Neubert (Esslingen) and Sandhack Bauzentrum (Schenefeld). Glander-Gruppe (Lüneburg) took out the award for exemplary performance as an apprenticing company. Holzland von der Stein (Essen) and Koncepta (Dresden) were honored for their successful generational handovers. Special awards went to Thalhofer (Deisenhausen) for innovative marketing and Goiserer Parkett (Bad Ischl) for its success as a startup.

Full list of award winners

  • Best Parquet Presentation in the Skilled Trades Sector: Fussboden Bauer (Motten-Kothen)
  • Best Commercial Remodeling Project in the Skilled Trades Sector: Babschanik (Ebersbach/Fils)
  • Best Newbuild Project in the Skilled Trades Sector: Parkett Neubert (Esslingen)
  • Best Commercial Remodeling in the Builder’s Merchant Sector: Bauzentrum Sandhack (Schenefeld)
  • Exemplary Provider of Traineeships in the Skilled Trades Sector: Glander Farben und Wohnstore (Lüneburg)
  • Best Event in the Skilled Trades Sector: Abker (Melle)
  • Best Event in the Timber Merchant Sector: Holzland Friederichs (Mönchengladbach)
  • Exemplary Generational Transition: Holzland von der Stein (Essen)
  • Exemplary Generational Transition: Koncepta (Dresden)
  • Special Award for Innovative Marketing: Thalhofer (Deisenhausen)
  • Special Award for Best Startup: Goiserer Parkett (Bad Ischl)
  • Lifetime Achievement Award: Franz Neuhofer (Zell am Moos)