From tables to floors - it's all covered!
Although Peyer-Syntex is best known as a specialist distributor of tablecloths, it is making a surprise appearance at DOMOTEX 2019 in Hannover as it unveils a new collection of mats for use indoors and out.

Peyer-Syntex GmbH & Co. KG is one of Germany's leading distributors of textiles for the home and is particularly well known for its tablecloths and plastic-coated fabrics. Now looking to expand its portfolio, the company has launched its own flooring collection, which features made-to-order machine-woven rugs, soft foam universal mats, runners and ready-made articles in the runner and stair tread mat range. What's more, it is bringing an exclusive premiere to DOMOTEX 2019, unveiling a brand new collection of indoor and outdoor rugs and mats.

Based on an exceptionally robust material, the collection sets out to combine a distinctly modern touch with classical elegance. The mats feature an additional anti-slip function and can be thoroughly cleaned, which is a major advantage when being used outdoors. Thanks to a material thickness of less than half a centimeter, the new collection can be used in spaces where every millimeter counts. That makes these fashionable mats, with their trendy designs and joyful colors, the perfect protectors for valuable floors.

Peyer-Syntex GmbH & Co. KG (63128 Dietzenbach, Germany), Hall 6, Stand C30
Contact: Sven Häbel
Tel.: +49 6074 48344 11
Mobile: +49 171 551 64 54

An innovative spin on great yarns!
Saurer Spinning Solutions has launched a new generation of Impact FX. Its trailblazing, innovative features are designed to cut manufacturing costs, improve process reliability and produce exceptionally high-quality yarns.

The Saurer Group is a leading global technological expert in developing the machinery and components required for processing yarns. The Group has two divisions - Saurer Spinning Solutions and Saurer Technologies. Saurer Spinning Solutions focuses on high-quality, technologically advanced, customized automation solutions for processing staple fiber from bale to yarn. In the run-up to DOMOTEX 2019 in Hannover, Saurer announced that all Zinser compact spinning machines would be supplied with a new-generation Impact FX from fall 2018.

The new Impact FX boasts a whole series of ground-breaking features. The larger diameter of the enlarged front top rollers and compact front top rollers with new cots ensures, among other things, that the roller can be ground down more frequently, which in turn increases usability. The centerpiece of Impact FX is the re-engineered upgrade of the original Zinser compact apron. This self-cleaning version has an optimized inner layer for improved running qualities and a longer service life. It can even be economically replaced during standard machine maintenance. The third great new feature is the built-in leaf spring. Optimizing this element has enabled secure positioning of the Impact FX unit, which ensures a consistently compact yarn quality across spinning positions. Last but not least, the suction tubes have been redesigned to optimize flow and thus improve suction. Not only do they reliably avoid lapping, but they are easy to clean and replace, as operators no longer have to differentiate between the left and right tube.

Saurer Technologies GmbH & Co. KG (47804 Krefeld, Germany), Hall 11, Stand B35
Contact: Birgit Jansen
Tel.: + 49 2451 905 2875

A spotless reputation!
Rinos is ensuring its customers make the perfect entrance with "Grafic". Thanks to its high-quality design, this very practical walk-off entrance mat presents an excellent first impression.

Anyone who has ever worked in sales knows just how make-or-break first impressions can be. One word out of line and you'll be hard pushed to recover. But it's not only humans who make first impressions. Buildings, particularly public ones, can use their entrance areas to indicate what visitors can expect to find inside. Their walk-off zone (besides protecting floors and reducing cleaning costs) therefore serves another key function - namely ensuring the all-so important first impression is a good one. Having recognized this, Dutch company Rinos decided to take positive action. This specialist for high-quality walk-off entrance mats, which has been keeping hallways spick-and-span the world over ever since 1925, now also delivers some very impressive contemporary designs.

The time is now ripe for Rinos to unveil its "Grafic" collection at DOMOTEX 2019 in Hannover. These new entrance mats focus on high-quality design, with a choice of five perfectly coordinated organic and geometric patterns set against a singular dark gray base color. From a distance the design radiates a sense of tranquility, but a closer look reveals subtle details that make all the difference - not showy but at the same time never dull. Besides this touch of elegance, "Grafic" provides the renowned exceptional quality and functionality of all Rinos walk-off entrance mats. This is also reflected in the range's standards for wear resistance (heavy commercial use, class 33), sand absorption (class 3) and moisture absorption. Last but not least, "Grafic" mats adhere to Bfl-s1 - the very highest flammability class for flooring.

Rinos B.V. (8281 BZ Genemuiden, Netherlands), Hall 11, Stand E04
Contact: Martin Mulder
Tel.: +31 38 3853500

Time to get tough!
The Chinese company VTC Floors & Walls is showcasing a new take on vinyl floors at DOMOTEX 2019 in Hannover with its somewhat harder and thinner SP Core flooring.

Whether designer floors, vinyl flooring or luxury vinyl tiles (LVTs), manufacturers and marketing experts have recently been going to great lengths to ensure their advanced products stand out from humdrum PVC flooring. In fact, it's true that vinyl flooring these days has very little in common with the old-school PVC products - and the technology just keeps on getting better. Now, VTC Floors & Walls from Wuxi city in China is rolling up to DOMOTEX 2019 in Hannover to showcase a whole series of new products based on PVC, including its click-system SP Core flooring.

Distributed in Europe by the Spanish company Euro Trade Flooring, SP Core flooring is a major step up from the first-generation LVTs. The planks' higher filler content and density make SP Core harder and thinner than usual, which offers many advantages. SP Core is extremely dimensionally stable, water resistant and can be installed both in damp environments and over under-floor heating, without any need for acclimatization. Even hard substrates pose no problem, meaning SP Core can be laid straight on top of tiles, screed, parquet or laminate. Despite the flooring’s harder finish, SP Core offers exceptional soundproofing and ensures significantly lower noise levels in everyday use. And there are no shortfalls in aesthetic appeal, either, as the series boasts a range of realistic wooden- and stone-effect designs.

Euro Trade Flooring S.L. (08635 Sant Esteve Sesrovires, Spain), Hall 12, Stand D97
Contact: Magdalena Codina
Tel.: +34 937 746 913

Authentic wooden aesthetics
The Berndorf Brand Group takes great pride in developing high-quality end-to-end solutions for steel belt systems. Its customized steel belts ensure an ever-increasing range of realistic decorative effects and textures on laminate floors.

The latest direction in laminate flooring is an increasingly wide variety of decorative effects and textures with a natural feel. Having spent many years working on different trends, implementing the latest technologies and meeting growing demands in the flooring sector, the Berndorf Brand Group from Lower Austria is now showing off its impressive portfolio in its debut at DOMOTEX 2019 in Hannover. Its forte lies in the manufacture of custom designs on endless steel belts incorporating complex, embossed-in-register surfaces, a specialism that is based on intensive research and development and close collaboration with renowned manufacturers of wooden materials.

Berndorf provides the high-precision raw belts that are used as the basis for embossed-in-register and allover surface textures in continuous manufacturing processes. The downstream texturing process is performed using state-of-the-art digital printing and etching technology to ensure the desired premium quality. The Group’s textured stainless steel belts are particularly renowned for their durability. To increase their service life, the Berndorf Band Group has also developed specially engineered machines capable of refurbishing them and restoring the chrome plating. These specialized machines are able to gently reinstate the gloss of the belts so as to restore them to almost as-new condition.

Berndorf Band GmbH (2560 Berndorf, Austria), Hall 12, Stand D88
Contact: Mag. Hannes Flasch
Tel.: +43 2672 800-0

Luxury Vinyl Tiles 2.0
At DOMOTEX 2019, SINEWS is premiering the new generation of LVTs with a solid polymer core (SPC) from the Chinese PVC specialist Jiangyin Weixin Plastic.

When representatives of the flooring sector from all over the world once again gather at DOMOTEX in January 2019, the latest trend in luxury vinyl tiles (LVTs) will surely surge even further to the fore. Instead of the traditional compressed wood-plastic composite core (WPC), this new generation of vinyl tiles has a solid polymer core (SPC) made from limestone meal, polyvinyl chloride and a stabilizer. One of the pioneers of this SPC technology is the Chinese manufacturer Jiangyin Weixin Plastic. Its cutting-edge LVTs are being premiered at DOMOTEX in January at the stand run by SINEWS trading company.

These SPC tiles boast a series of assets that promise to place them head and shoulders above their WPC predecessors in various respects - first and foremost, their exceptional robustness and stability, which also makes them extremely waterproof. SPC tiles are therefore just as well suited for use in both dry and wet environments, without even the need for professional fitters, as they're quick and easy enough for anyone to install. What's more, these new LVTs not only come in a wide range of designs but are exceptionally kind to the environment, as they can be almost entirely recycled after use.

SINEWS GmbH (63303 Dreieich, Germany), Hall 11, Stand A59
Contact: Dipl.VWL Xin Xu
Tel.: +49 6103 54680

Startup takes to the floor with AI
VISIONME is at DOMOTEX 2019 to showcase iunco AI - the first AI-based smartphone app designed for configuring floor coverings.

Harnessing the many benefits of virtual reality and applying them to interior design seems like a logical idea. However, ideas don't get us very far unless they’re followed up with actions, and there have not been many corresponding solutions launched on the market - and even fewer truly impressive ones. This has left a gap that a number of startups have committed themselves to filling - including VISONME GmbH. Led by founders Florian Wenk, Dennis Dohmeier and Hinrich Hobbensiefken, the young and dynamic team already offers a wide range of innovative solutions based on virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR). The latest product from this Dutch powerhouse is set to celebrate its premiere at DOMOTEX 2019 in Hannover.

iunco AI is a floor covering configurator that harnesses the full potential of artificial intelligence, incorporating it into a smartphone app that is set to make choosing the perfect flooring solution easier than ever before. Simply take a photo of the room or space in question, and iunco AI will automatically calculate the surface area. This virtual representation can then be redesigned using the coverings stored in the product catalog. To deliver the most realistic impression possible, the app also allows users to try out a range of different laying patterns and directions - all in real time.

VISIONME GmbH (30851 Langenhagen, Germany), Hall 9, Stand S17
Contact: Florian Wenk
Tel.: +49 511 16588915

Made in the U.S. doesn't have to mean XXL
National Flooring Equipment is at DOMOTEX 2019 to unveil its compact new 4230 EUR floor stripper, which has been specifically designed for the slightly more modest construction sites in Europe.

National Flooring Equipment, Inc., which is headquartered in Minneapolis, USA, is dedicated to perfecting surface preparation around the world. For over 50 years now, the company’'s grinders, scrapers, dust collectors, and strippers have been helping to quite literally smooth the way for unforgiving floor coverings. Even after more than half a century, development work continues to forge ahead, as the unveiling of the new 4230 EUR floor stripper at DOMOTEX 2019 in Hannover shows.

Alongside the other models in the range that National Flooring is exhibiting in Hannover, the new 4230 EUR may look a bit undersized - after all, it is the smallest and most lightweight stripper in its class. But there's good reason for that, as Dave Bigham, director of global training initiatives at National Flooring Equipment, is well aware. He explains that the 4230 EUR has been specially designed for the European market, which typically has smaller job sites and more restrictions. The compact 4230 EUR is available with either manual blade adjustment or a dual lift feature. Being electric, rather than propane-powered, it doesn't produce any harmful emissions, and because it doesn't rely on a battery, there’s no limit on its runtime.

National Flooring Equipment, Inc. (Minneapolis, MN 55445, U.S.), Hall 13, Stand D09
Contact: Connie Johnson
Tel.: +1 763 3155300

Finn, Morten, Lasse and Liv
No, they're not the members of a new Scandinavian boy band, they're actually the four high-quality breathable, natural-fiber rugs in the new WOHNIDEE collection that Franz Reinkemeier GmbH is rolling out at DOMOTEX 2019 in Hannover.

Finn, Morten, Lasse and Liv are designed to accentuate personal style and create a cozy ambience in any discerning carpet owner's home. The intention behind the latest collection from Franz Reinkemeier GmbH is to create oases of indulgent comfort coupled with uplifting visual accents. But that wasn't the company's only consideration in selecting the new WOHNIDEE stars - they also had to boast high-quality breathable, natural fibers and an attractive mix of natural colors and interesting textures.

With its Scandinavian design and timeless beauty, the woolen rug Finn is set to wow visitors to the company’s DOMOTEX 2019 showcase. Made from a mixture of soft and pleasantly-textured natural fibers in a range of muted shades, Finn is designed to complement virtually any decor with an added touch of calm and tranquility. This particular model is available in cream and gray tones, while all four models come in a choice of dimensions between 70 x 140, 120 x 170 and 160 x 230 centimeters.

With its light nuances, Morten is a more reserved character that is bound to fit in easily with any style of interior design. Available in shades of "greige" and cream, its fine felt texture exudes a very special comfort and warmth.

In stark contrast, vibrant flecking clearly singles out Lasse as the exuberant "front man". Beneath that colorful surface, it also boasts impressive woolen fibers, excellent shape-retaining properties and natural breathability. With its striking aubergine or anthracite hues, Lasse is sure to make a very special impression, particularly in a monochrome room.

Liv is the gentlest of the group, representing a lighter and softer touch under any carpet connoisseur's feet. This model is lovingly hand-crafted from cotton, either light blue or pale gray, making Liv the featherweight of this treasure trove of natural sensations.

Franz Reinkemeier GmbH (33397 Rietberg, Germany), Hall 7, Stand C22
Contact: Heinrich Reinkemeier
Tel.: +49 5244 921-0

Rugs that don't cost the Earth - in any sense!
Ethically recycled yarns in beautiful designs to create the perfect ambience in the home. Flair Flooring Supplies Ltd. is on a mission to achieve precisely this using environmentally friendly, resource-saving materials - and is proud to present the exquisite results at DOMOTEX 2019.

Design is at its beautiful best when it's based on the latest recycling technologies, according to Flair Flooring Supplies Ltd. from the U.K. The company specializes in turning waste plastic into yarns, dying them in sumptuous colors and then weaving them into wonderful rugs. The new Luxmi rugs in its Solitaire collection are exceptional in the use of exquisite recycled silk to craft cutting-edge, Scandinavian-inspired designs.

To create different shades in the yarn, the silk filaments are knotted prior to dying to ensure the tone of each individual rug is unique but consistently vibrant. Hand-tufted by experienced artisans in India and embellished with woven tassels, the rugs in the Solitaire collection are not only designed to look fabulous on the floors of their discerning owners, but also warm hearts as well as their feet, in the sure knowledge that each rug has been created ethically and responsibly with care and compassion for the environment.

Flair Flooring Supplies Ltd. (Glossop SK13 2NU, United Kingdom), Hall 7, Stand C38
Contact: Georgina Jackson
Tel.: +44 1457 850 650

Friendly in every conceivable way
SUEDSER Tekstil from Turkey is showcasing its range of "Friendly Carpet" collections at DOMOTEX 2019 - including several exciting trade fair premieres.

Since it was founded in Basaksehir on the outskirts Istanbul in 1986, SUEDSER Tekstil has notched up some impressive achievements. For instance, its 110,000 m2 site in the Çerkezköy Organized Industrial Estate is the largest of its kind in the world, which houses factories for producing flock (suede) fabric, woven textiles and flock rugs alongside the company's very own textile printing facility. Its state-of-the-art machinery manufactures materials for use in a wide range of sectors, such as furniture, clothing, shoes, bags and leather handcraft. The company eventually moved into carpet manufacturing at the end of 2015. SUEDSER Tekstil has chosen DOMOTEX 2019 to showcase its prowess in this field with a wealth of exciting exhibits, including its rug collections that earn the description of "friendly" in more ways than one.

SUEDSER has chosen the headline of "Dertsiz Halı" ("Friendly Carpet" in Turkish) to capture the essence of the whole series of traits that make its flooring particularly practical and family-friendly. The rugs are designed to boast antibacterial and anti-allergic benefits, which are bound to make them a popular option for children's bedrooms. Another major advantage in this respect is their special dirt-repellent impregnation that prevents liquids from seeping into the fabric. What’'s more, the environmentally friendly materials used to manufacture SUEDSER rugs can be machine-washed to freshen them up as required and thus extend their lifetime. Last but not least, they are even friendly toward customers' wallets, offering high quality and exclusive design at a very affordable price.

SUEDSER Tekstil Tic.A.S. (34490 Basaksehir, Turkey), Hall 8, Stand A38
Contact: Ilturk Kuvvetli
Tel.: +90 212 675 0125

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