Better business with reduced resources

RadiciGroup is at DOMOTEX 2020 to showcase its exemplary track record in terms of financial results, environmental efforts and social responsibility. The Italian specialist in synthetic fibers is revealing how to boost added value while reducing resource consumption and emissions.

Last fall, RadiciGroup's 2018 sustainability report showed that the company’s finances, environmental efforts and social responsibility were all on the up. Written in line with the GRI Standards model (core option), the report was presented at the Bergamo Manufacturers’ Association headquarters by CEO Angelo Radici. "We have a long tradition of promoting sustainability and today we consider ourselves to be on a continuous path toward sustainable business management," explained Radici. The global player is now seizing the perfect opportunity at DOMOTEX 2020 to campaign for competitive sustainability and respond to the growing demand for eco-friendly processes and products.

RadiciGroup products, all of which can be fully recycled when their service life comes to an end, prove this is possible. In fact, many of them are made from recycled raw materials in the first place, with others being bio-based. What's more, they are all produced at plants certified to ISO standards to provide reliable guidelines for setting up, managing and monitoring the company's various projects and laying out improvement plans. As DOMOTEX 2020 kicks off on Friday, 10 January, RadiciGroup is inviting visitors to its stand for a press conference at 3 p.m. titled “Innovating Contract with Sustainability". A sustainability and communication expert at RadiciGroup, Maria Teresa Betti will discuss the company’s strategic approach to improving sustainability. Arturo Andreoni, Marketing and R&D Director for RadiciGroup’s Performance Yarn unit, will explore the company's commitment to this issue under the title "Being greener: RadiciGroup continues building the path with new products".
Radici Partecipazioni S.p.A. (24024 Gandino, Italy), Hall 11, Stand C48
Contact: Marisa Carrara
Tel.: +39 345 9148892
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A whole new way of measuring concrete humidity
Family-run company Wagner Meters from the United States is showing a string of innovations at DOMOTEX 2020. Among them is the Rapid RH L6 Smart Sensor for measuring the relative humidity of concrete.

In the early 1960s, in the U.S. state of Oregon, Delmer Wagner designed one of the first solid state, non-contact, in-line lumber moisture detectors. Not long after, customers started asking the pioneering inventor to develop hand-held moisture content test meters for use in spot checks. This was how it all began for Wagner Meters, which went on to produce a whole range of devices for testing and measuring the moisture content of wood and the relative humidity of concrete over the following decades. Despite enjoying major business success, Wagner Meters has resisted the temptation to outsource its production to countries offering cheaper labor. And Ed Wagner, Delmer's son, is determined to ensure Wagner Meters remains an American employer with global reach.

This year, the company's reach is extending all the way to Hannover, to DOMOTEX 2020, where it is showcasing various innovations, including its Rapid RH L6 Smart Sensors. Using CMOSens technology, these sensors are factory-calibrated to provide accurate readings right from the get-go. In fact, to put users' minds at ease, each Smart Sensor kit comes in tamper-resistant packaging and with a calibration certificate. What's more, every Rapid RH L6 sensor features a customized version of the SHT35 humidity sensor from Sensirion, which takes measurements with a +/-2 percent accuracy tolerance at 50 percent and 90 percent relative humidity. This key aspect ensures the RH testing system adheres to the ASTM F2170 standard and sets it apart from conventional SHT35 humidity sensors, which deviate considerably from the two-percent tolerance at relative humidity levels as low as 50 percent.
Wagner Meters (Rogue River, OR 97537, United States), Hall 13, Stand F81/3
Contact: Jason Spangler
Tel.: +1 541 5820541
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Making one of the world’s oldest crafts fit for the future
After discovering remnants of woven fabric in the burial chambers of ancient Egyptians, we now know that humans have been weaving for 32,000 years. Today, their descendants - the experts from the Oriental Weavers Group - are taking the craft into a sustainable future.

Oriental Weavers - one of the biggest manufacturers of machine-woven carpets around today - is stepping up efforts to establish eco-friendly methods of production. The pioneer has quite rightly recognized that global brands of the 21st century need to live up to their responsibility to boost sustainability in manufacturing and pursue initiatives to protect our planet. The Egyptian company is at DOMOTEX 2020 to showcase its latest collection of first-class woven carpets and tell fellow industry stakeholders about the GEFF Award that it won last summer in Cairo for its commitment to environmental issues.

GEFF, which stands for Green Economy Financing Facility, is a program supported by a network of more than 140 local financial institutions across 26 countries and strong partners such as the European Union and the Green Climate Fund. The GEFF program lends a hand to companies that invest in environmentally friendly technologies. One such company is the Oriental Weavers Group, which has opted for green production methods for its dynamic collections. Its impressive commitment to preserving the planet has even secured the company a GEFF Award, highlighting its status as a role model for other businesses. Oriental Weavers is continuing its campaign for greater sustainability at DOMOTEX 2020 in Hannover, not least because the event’s keynote theme, ATMYSPHERE, is also training the spotlight on this important issue. Visitors to the Oriental Weavers Group stand at this year’s DOMOTEX can learn a great deal, including how, in 2018, the company managed to save some 42,000 megawatt hours of energy and 7,600 metric tons of CO2 in the production of its top-quality creations.
Oriental Weavers Carpet Company (11361 Cairo, Egypt), Hall 5, Stand A16
Contact: Khaled Massoud
Tel.: +20 44 11137
Mobile: +20 10 01002428
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Blowing other floors out of the water
ter Hürne is at DOMOTEX 2020 in Hannover to showcase a non-hazardous, sustainable floor that is made from organic material and is extremely resistant to water.

ter Hürne, run by brothers Bernhard and Erwin ter Hürne, has made a name for itself as a company that prioritizes sustainable working practices and products with healthy-living qualities. Its dedication to these aspects goes far beyond its long tradition of classic wood products, as demonstrated by yet another innovation celebrating its debut at DOMOTEX 2020.

Under the brand name DURECO, ter Hürne is presenting a floor that is both fully organic and designed to be extremely water-resistant. Its high level of water resistance is achieved using SEAL technology - a combination of various components that combine to provide effective protection from moisture. In fact, NALFA testing has proven that this sealing is so effective it can prevent liquids and standing water from penetrating the surface and reaching the baseboard for up to 24 hours. DURECO's healthy-living and sustainable properties - inherent in all ter Hürne solutions - have been confirmed by both ECO Institute testing and the "Blue Angel" eco-label, making it ideal for anyone looking for a floor made from natural and sustainable materials. This innovation is also tough enough to withstand the rigors of everyday life - especially where liquids are involved.
ter Hürne GmbH & Co. KG (46354 Südlohn, Germany), Hall 12, Stand B18
Contact: Carlos Pauly
Tel.: +49 2862 701-164
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Backing sustainability - in more ways than one
Under the banner of "Sustainable Backings", Freudenberg Performance Materials is at DOMOTEX 2020 to show visitors how high-performance carpet backings can help create an atmosphere of sustainable well-being.

As one of the world's leading manufacturers of technical textiles, Freudenberg is in Hannover to demonstrate how its backing materials for textile floor coverings can help reduce the impact carpets have on the environment. To do this, the company is using a cutting-edge stand design that incorporates aspects from the event's keynote theme - ATMYSPHERE. Sporting seamless transitions between carpet and wall, the stand is designed to convey a feeling of well-being and sustainability in the midst of nature. The carpet on show at the stand, which is printed using high-end digital printing technology, features a primary backing from Freudenberg. This is because, according to its developers, the company’s tufted carpet backings made of polyester spunlaids give carpets the dimensional stability they need if they are to be printed with digital printing machines.

The primary and secondary backings for carpet tiles, broadloom carpets and walk-off mats from this pioneer in non-woven fabrics are made from polyester spunlaids produced with Freudenberg's proprietary technology. They are designed to provide excellent dimensional stability, reliable and precise pattern repeats, as well as exceptional lay-flat properties, while also ensuring a constant surface uniformity and non-fraying edges. Freudenberg aims to provide sustainable floor coverings with unique components and production processes, without compromising quality. That's why it also recycles its production waste and continuously works on developing products that contain a high proportion of recycled materials. Furthermore, the company claims to avoid the use of chemical binding agents. This means that 100 percent of the polyester tuft backings made by Freudenberg are 100 percent recyclable, which makes end-of-life management easier for carpet manufacturers.
Freudenberg Performance Materials SE & Co. KG (67661 Kaiserslautern, Germany), Hall 11, Stand B61
Contact: Gerhard Stuppy
Tel.: +49 631 5341-381
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Teaching new dogs old tricks
Silva Floors is the latest company to join the ranks of suppliers offering new solid wooden floors with an antique look. The Belgian start-up is making its first appearance at DOMOTEX 2020, where it is unveiling its products to a broad audience of industry experts.

There's a lot going on at a world-leading trade fair. Besides the keynote theme, there will be a whole host of brand-new products to explore - and even some brand-new companies. This year, the fledgling Belgian brand Silva Floors is among the roster of exhibitors making their first appearance at DOMOTEX 2020. And with the event just around the corner, Rene Jacobs, the company's sales director, is already eager to make a good impression: "We are ready to introduce Silva Floors to the public at DOMOTEX. We're excited to be making our first appearance at a trade fair that attracts all the flooring industry experts. It's the perfect opportunity to purchase new solutions and enter into new partnerships, but also to get inspired. We are proud to be among all these international exhibitors."

Silva Floors, with its "solid floors made from 100-percent Belgian products", was launched on the international B2B market in May 2019. The company is managed by Steven Swaegers, an industry insider with 15 years of experience in the flooring business. "Our collection of parquet floors is finished with the utmost care and attention to detail. They are available in different sizes, qualities and colors and are also very easy to maintain," says Swaegers.

In particular, Silva Floors focuses on providing new, rustic flooring with the look of a 100-year-old floor, while maintaining contemporary user-friendliness. This is achieved by combining the right wood with the right structures and careful treatment and finishing. This is followed by a natural drying process, designed to add those all-important extra details to the floors, whose quality and nuanced color should not be underestimated. Jacobs is aware that the parquet flooring from Silva Floors is not a product for the mass market: "We're in a niche market and are looking for very specific, active partners. These are companies that want to get down to work and deliver results. We expect our customers to sell our products with the right service and to act as ambassadors for the philosophy that is at the very core of our company. Consumers need to know what they’re buying and what they’re investing in for the future. Buying a floor is often something of an emotional experience - and a happy one at that. We want to keep it that way by offering a product designed to retain its outstanding quality."
Silva Floors – Swaegers Steven BVBA (2275 Lille, Belgium), Hall 13, Stand B63
Contact: René Jacobs
Tel.: +32 14 395996
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Stand up for trash!
Or should that be, "stand on trash"? Either way, the team from the Belgian Balta Group are doing both at DOMOTEX 2020 - all under the motto of "Let's turn trash into treasure!"

The product developers from the Balta Home division of the Belgian Balta Group are at DOMOTEX 2020 to showcase their brand-new RE_GENERATION product line under the catchy slogan "Let's turn trash into treasure!" The range sets out to wow customers with its extremely attractive design, while also - more importantly - promising to ensure greater sustainability by incorporating a high proportion of recycled materials. Since the company manufactures RE_GENERATION products from old plastic bottles, discarded cotton materials and pieces of leather from old clothing, it is already taking steps to acquire a corresponding quality assurance certification to verify the percentage of recycled content stated for each product. With their new take on softness, a rich color palette and innovative structures, all woven together in timeless designs, these machine- and hand-made carpets made from “trash” are sure to bring new life and vitality to any part of the home – be it indoors or outdoors.

However, the RE_GENERATION collection is not the only reason to pay Balta Homes a visit at DOMOTEX 2020, because it is also showcasing machine-tufted products from its "New Generation Rugs" collection, which are designed to be washable and boast a long service life. What's more, these rugs are made of a single material, which also simplifies the recycling process.
Balta Industries NV (8710 Sint-Baafs-Vijve, Belgium), Hall 11, Stand C13
Contact: Geert Vanden Bossche
Tel.: +32 56 62 23 16
Mobile: +32 496 59 33 16
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A kaleidoscope of color from Switzerland!
The Swiss aren't generally known for having the most colorful culture on Earth, but they’re at DOMOTEX 2020 to show they know a thing or two about flexibility when it comes to vibrant carpet design. Oerlikon Neumag, a member of the Oerlikon Group, is exhibiting its latest carpet yarn system in Hannover - the BCF S8.

"Color separation has never been so easy" is the confident claim made by the developers of the BCF S8, a machine designed to open up countless opportunities for product differentiation. Front and center among Oerlikon Neumag’s exhibits at DOMOTEX 2020 is a carpet yarn system that it says can meet all possible needs when it comes to the color separation of tricolor yarns - from mélange right through to clearly separated. The core component in this process is the new, patent-pending Color Pop Compacting Unit (CPC-T), which delivers a more flexible and even color separation. The option to customize air pressures for each color means pre-tangling can be performed in the CPC-T, thereby accentuating colors and making it possible to achieve over 200,000 different shades.

In the past, it has been extremely difficult to produce highly color-separated or accentuated BCF yarns from polyamide 6 but, thanks to its new design, the CPC-T is now also suitable for processes with low thread tensions. Significant technological modifications to the RoTac³ tangle unit have reportedly resulted in even more efficient BCF yarn tangling. For example, the nozzle has been optimized to enhance airflow and thus reduce air pressure by approx. 10 percent compared to the previous version - but with the same knot strength. What's more, the nozzle bearing arrangements have been improved so users can opt for higher speeds or nozzle rings with more holes, with the aim of creating even more knots in the yarn.
Oerlikon Neumag a brand of Oerlikon Textile GmbH & Co. KG (24536 Neumünster, Germany), Hall 11, Stand A36
Contact: Claudia Henkel
Tel.: +49 4321 305 105
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Anyone can drill through thin boards
...but processing timber accurately and economically to make perfect thin boards takes a lot more skill. QuadraTool GmbH is making its debut appearance at DOMOTEX 2020 to show that it is leading the way in its field.

"Thin cutting solutions" are the order of the day at QuadraTool GmbH - high-precision, high-quality products for cutting timber thinly. The extensive experience and skills of the company's professional workforce and its international contacts with the biggest names in saw blade manufacturing provide a firm foundation for an impressive portfolio. The product range encompasses highly specialized thin-cutting band and frame saw blades, as well as blade grinding equipment and associated consumables. What's more, the company offers a comprehensive package of services and consulting that covers the entire process chain in thin cutting - even developing industrial thin-cutting applications.

Exhibiting at DOMOTEX 2020 for the first time, QuadraTool is bringing its own mantra to the fair - maximum output with minimum material use. Visitors can see for themselves just how important specialist saw blades are for the production of high-quality sawn veneers, whether for parquet flooring, doors, pencil boards, multilayer boards, windows, furniture, musical instruments or many other products.
QuadraTool GmbH (4786 Brunnenthal, Austria), Hall 13, Stand C15
Contact: Franz Haas
Tel.: +43 7712 354050
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Now, that's clean!
"Be green, stay clean!" - that's the motto rug and textile manufacturer Verbatex is exhibiting under at DOMOTEX 2020, where visitors from around the world can check out its new DECORUGS, a collection designed for a clean, sustainable lifestyle.

Three letters stand out in the branding for DECORUGS - ECO - and that's because Verbatex is committed to the circular economy. The flat-woven wool qualities the company has launched in this collection - NORA, ELLA, SARA, ANA & ONA - have been specially designed to support this eco-friendly concept. Not only do these wools produce rugs that are environmentally friendly, they are also a feast for the eyes and luxurious to the touch. Moreover, Verbatex has extended its exceptionally eco-friendly approach to include the backing and viscose it uses for its exquisite products.

For example, Verbatex uses "regenerated cotton", an innovative recycled fiber that aims to stem the tide of waste. According to the company, around 40 percent of cotton that is grown is wasted between harvesting and the completion of finished garments - the equivalent of approximately 600,000 metric tons of cotton fiber. To close the loop and achieve a circular economy, Verbatex is using this waste to spin a special range of viscose fibers called WalkSoft, which it is using in its rugs.
Verbatex NV (8501 Kortrijk, Belgium), Hall 6, Stand A30
Contact: Isabelle Verbauwhede
Tel.: +32 56 36 39 00
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Belgium - home to chocolate, waffles and revolutionary flooring
CABBANI and PARKY are two big names in high-end design on show at DOMOTEX 2020, where DECOSPAN is showcasing solutions for the latest trends and design preferences.

Three generations of the same family have run DECOSPAN with a determination to pursue and share an insatiable passion for wood. This devotion is rooted in an unshakable belief that the warmth and beauty of wood enhances our quality of life. That is why the Belgian-based company develops holistic solutions designed to integrate this unique, renewable resource into our day-to-day environment wherever possible. This market-driven lifestyle company is constantly talking to customers, manufacturers and developers, in the knowledge that it can always find the right solution in its extensive range of products for wall, ceiling, floor, furniture and acoustic applications. Naturally, it is the company’s flooring division that is taking center stage at this year’s DOMOTEX, bringing two high-end brand solutions that offer a deft response to the latest trends and design preferences.

The first solution from DECOSPAN is CABBANI, which aims to bridge the gap between high-quality European oak parquet flooring and contemporary architecture, and the second is PARKY - the real star of the show. In an attempt to counter the current consumer craze for laminate and vinyl flooring, DECOSPAN has been heralding a veritable "PARKY" revolution in the run-up to DOMOTEX 2020. What makes PARKY so special is its real wood surface. Given the high value of this natural material, DECOSPAN uses just a thin layer of wood as the top layer. However, that is enough to lend each and every board the attractive, natural and unique look and unmistakable warmth of real wood. Of course, there are practical benefits to the new design solution, too. Every PARKY board - including its grooves - is sealed with the Aqua Sealing Complete system, which gives users up to 12 hours to clean away liquids and marks without leaving a trace. PARKY also has a “titanium finish” consisting of no fewer than eight robust layers of varnish. This makes the flooring resistant to scratching and ideal for heavy use, as does the exceptionally stable HDF base. To ensure all these benefits don’t come at the expense of Mother Nature, DECOSPAN uses only wood from sustainable forests, and all the boards are completely recyclable. What's more, thanks to the use of renewable energy in production and for heating, DECOSPAN has set itself the target of operating on a CO2 -neutral basis in the medium term.
DECOSPAN NV (8930 Menen, Belgium), Hall 12, Stand C04
Contact: Celine Ameloot
Tel.: +32 56 52 88 00
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Keeping gunslingers out of sticky situations!
Döllken Profiles GmbH is set to dazzle visitors to DOMOTEX 2020 with a whole new box of tricks that includes innovations such as the first electronically controlled hot-melt adhesive gun - the HKP 2.0 E.

A visit to the stand run by Döllken Profiles GmbH offers the perfect opportunity to take a closer look at new products such as the adjustable strip cutter, new designer skirting and stair edge nosing. There's also a special treat in store for trades professionals who like to keep their finger on the trigger - the new HKP 2.0 E, the first electronically controlled hot-melt adhesive gun designed specifically for securing skirting in place.

Visitors to DOMOTEX 2020 can even try out the next evolutionary step after the tried-and-tested, hand-operated HKP 220 for themselves. Key features include an electric glue-stick intake system and the option to choose between two output levels. According to Döllken Profiles GmbH, the HKP 2.0 E helps users work much faster and with greater precision. For instance, the two output levels mean users can choose between working with a larger volume of adhesive for long, straight sections of wall, for example, or carefully metered quantities for smaller areas or intricate work. Gone are the days when glue guns had to be continuously pumped and regulated by hand - something that's sure to be welcomed by anyone with an itchy trigger finger who has had a shot backfire on them before. Döllken Profiles GmbH promises that, all in all, the new HKP 2.0 E will enable users to install more meters of skirting in the same time.
Döllken Profiles GmbH (99428 Nohra, Germany), Hall 13, Stand D24
Contact: Katharina Lahrmann
Tel.: +49 2043 979-341
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Sticking with solvent-free solutions!
PVC GLUE FLOOR is a new acrylic dispersion-based solvent-free PVC and vinyl adhesive with a very high initial adhesion - and Bijlard International is exhibiting it at DOMOTEX 2020.

Netherlands-based Bijlard International has been developing, manufacturing and distributing adhesives and sealants for the professional market for more than 50 years. Besides focusing consistently on customer needs, the in-house laboratory also ensures quality standards are consistent and develops innovative products that keep getting better and better. According to the company, its current product range comprises first and foremost environmentally friendly, non-aromatic and user-friendly adhesives and sealants of exceptional quality that are used in the flooring sector and beyond. At DOMOTEX 2020, Bijlard International is exhibiting one of its latest innovations - PVC GLUE FLOOR.

The manufacturer describes PVC GLUE FLOOR as a solvent-free PVC and vinyl adhesive based on acrylic dispersion with a very high initial adhesion. It is primarily suitable for gluing PVC, vinyl and rubber floor coverings in strips and tiles to the most common substrates. What's more, PVC GLUE FLOOR can also be used as a universal adhesive for all common types of soft and semi-soft floor coverings for interior use on floors and walls. The makers recommend using their Sqraper A3 adhesive comb to apply the product.
Bijlard International B.V. (2718 SR Zoetermeer, Netherlands), Hall 13, Stand F12
Contact: Ted Engelen
Tel.: +31 622452747
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Automated success!
Saurer Technologies GmbH & Co. KG Twisting Solutions is putting automation center stage at DOMOTEX 2020. On show will be a range of customized solutions for automating processes and driving down product costs - all clustered around BCF strand processing.

One of the areas where Saurer Twisting Solutions is using automation to deliver significant customer benefits is in material transport. The company’s automation solutions are tailored to the needs of its customers to ensure they can reap the rewards of optimum material flows throughout their entire doubling mill. Ingenious solutions such as lifters combined with the FlexFlow rail transport system and the fully automated PackDrive material handling truck aim to deliver automation that is fit for the future. The CarpetCabler 1.10 and CarpetTwister 1.10, meanwhile, are from a new generation of carpet strand machines designed to give users everything they need to tackle even the most extreme requirements of a vibrant market with confidence and expert skill.

Since virtually all production parameters can be adjusted centrally, and thanks to the intuitive user interface and newly designed take-up area, changeover times on the new carpet strand machines are reportedly significantly shorter. What's more, state-of-the-art drive technology and the innovative yarn sensor system for monitoring strand quality bring considerable added value for users.

Saurer's digital mill management system, "Senses", has been designed to pool and analyze production, quality and performance data from different areas - including machinery from other manufacturers. According to the exhibitor, this ensures companies can identify deviations, quality fluctuations and irregularities in real time and therefore respond faster. Moreover, once collated, this data can also be used to analyze processes with a view to identifying opportunities for improvement.
Saurer Technologies GmbH & Co. KG Twisting Solutions (47804 Krefeld, Germany), Hall 11, Stand B35
Contact: Gerd Poehlmann
Tel.: + 49 2151 717 01
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Putting the "art" in sustainable artificial fibers
Universal Fibers is at DOMOTEX 2020 to exhibit none other than the most sustainable high-performance nylon 66 carpet fiber in the world. This product - made using recycled carpet - boasts a truly impressive set of performance characteristics.

Universal Fibers, which is based in the US state of Virginia, is one of two business units within Universal Fiber Systems LLC, with Premiere Fibers being the second. Since its beginning in 1969, Universal Fibers has built a worldwide reputation as a pioneer in the production of uniquely colorful and high-performance, solution-dyed synthetic filament-based fibers. To this day, the company continues to lead the industry with innovations that are either made from renewable raw materials or use recycled carpet fibers. Thrive - which the manufacturer claims is the most sustainable high-performance nylon 66 carpet fiber in the world - belongs firmly in the latter category.

The development Universal Fibers is unveiling at DOMOTEX 2020 has been designed to meet worldwide demand for sustainable solution-dyed high-performance premium carpet fiber with built-in encapsulated stain resistance and virtually unlimited color combinations. The stain resistance is provided by a technology integrated into the fibers, while the impressive range of colors can be attributed to Universal Color, an incredible palette of 284 trend-setting colors. Available in type 6 and type 66 nylon, Thrive delivers high-bulk light weight attributes with its exclusive 660 decitex building block and meets market demands in terms of styling, sustainability, and ease of care and maintenance.
Universal Fibers, Inc. (Bristol, VA 24202, USA), Hall 11, Stand D64
Contact: Joe Parry
Tel.: +1 276 6691161
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Creating the perfect ATMYSPHERE
Garbelotto has long since been a firm fixture at DOMOTEX, regularly furnishing the industry with stimulating ideas. This year, the company's showcase meshes perfectly with the event's keynote theme, ATMYSPHERE.

"Parquet flooring that makes you feel good!" is the motto of Garbelotto's product developers, who are at DOMOTEX to reveal their interpretation of the ATMYSPHERE qualities of wellbeing, naturalness and sustainability. As always, Garbelotto is also showcasing its flagship collections, which have whipped up a great deal of interest among industry stakeholders in previous years. Of course, the star of the Italian company’s portfolio - the patented Clip Up System for floating installations - is also at DOMOTEX 2020 to give a show-stopping performance.

The simplicity and practicality of the eco-friendly, recyclable Clip Up System - which aims to ensure floors can be adapted to interiors with ease - perfectly reflect this year's keynote theme "ATMYSPHERE". The same goes for Garbelotto's hypoallergenic floors and substrates, which provide effective sound insulation - not to mention its natural wooden floors, which help rooms feel warmer. Also meshing particularly well with the ATMYSPHERE theme is the Xilema range, which uses logs from trees that have died naturally in the forest and been left there unused for many years. Visitors to DOMOTEX 2020 can discover how these trees begin a new life as parquet flooring that boasts a distinct, vintage look.
Parchettificio Garbelotto srl. (31012 Cappella Maggiore, Italy), Hall 13, Stand C82
Contact: Elisa Milanese
Tel.: +39 438 3 38 41
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Ceramic + cork - adhesive
DryTile Ceramics GmbH is showing how its ceramic flooring tiles, which feature a thin cork layer on the reverse, can be used to create new floors in record time.

The new DryTile concept makes light work of laying floors and eliminates the need for harmful substances. The ceramic floor tiles in this system feature a thin cork backing that is slightly bigger than the tile itself, creating a precisely defined narrow joint. Suction between this cork layer and the floor holds the tiles firmly in place, meaning neither grouting nor glue is needed. Gone are the days when adhesive-free tiling was nothing but a pipe dream. The developers from DryTile are promoting the system with the pithy statement "DryTile - as fast as your business" and the formula "ceramic plus cork minus adhesive" - a simple calculation that ultimately equates to "time is money". Indeed, according to the company, users of the DryTile system can install tiled floors up to eight times faster than when using conventional tiles and adhesives.

Businesses planning to refurbish their premises, for example, are sure to appreciate the swifter turnaround, as this will ensure they can get back to work faster. But speed is not the only advantage. Cutting out the need for adhesive means tiles can be easily taken up without leaving residue behind. Users are thus free to implement bold concepts – in shop fitting, for example - that are geared toward making a short to medium-term impact. Moreover, the DryTile system is installed using just conventional tiling tools. According to test results from the Nuremberg Institute of Technology, the solution is also suitable for underfloor heating systems.
DryTile Ceramics GmbH (56244 Ötzingen, Germany), Hall 8, Stand S9
Contact: Marian Winhold
Tel.: +49 2602 682-1127
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This success is no slip-up!
The launch of AKO Standard – the first anti-slip carpet underlay - really did smooth the way for its creator, A. Kolckmann GmbH. The company is now at DOMOTEX 2020 to reveal a true innovation in carpet underlays for smooth floors. Get ready for AKO Prima.

A. Kolckmann GmbH - which, for some sixty years now, has specialized in carpet underlays, tablecloth underlays and anti-slip mats for many areas of everyday life - manufactures all its products in southern Germany with a workforce of around 50. Its carpet underlays are renowned for reducing the risk of accidents at home and in the office by effectively preventing carpets and rugs from bunching up or sliding. Keen to achieve maximum efficiency, the company's developers track down the optimum solution for every application, differentiating between hard and textile floor coverings. Carpets and small floor rugs, particularly when used in areas with heavy footfall, require special underlays, which is why A. Kolckmann offers the right carpet underlay for every surface and purpose.

At DOMOTEX 2020, A. Kolckmann is showcasing AKO Prima - a truly innovative carpet underlay for smooth floors. This new, plasticizer-free and UV-resistant carpet underlay is sure to impress with its exceptional anti-slip properties and can be used on any smooth surface - including tiles, stone or wooden floors, laminate and even low pile rugs - to ensure carpets, floor rugs and runners stay firmly in place. According to the exhibitor, this impressive list of qualities makes AKO Prima a smart alternative to conventional carpet underlays made from PVC or non-woven fabrics.
A. Kolckmann GmbH (73553 Alfdorf, Germany), Hall 11, Stand E63
Contact: Jörg Wenzelburger
Tel.: +49 7172 304-14
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A truly warranted solution
Unifloor Underlay Systems has chosen DOMOTEX 2020 to celebrate the premiere of its new web application. This high-tech solution allows specialist dealers to request a warranty certificate for the Dutch company’s Jumpax® underlays.

Unifloor is the go-to provider for noise-dampening underlay systems. After all, the Dutch company develops products specifically with the aim of reducing the noise levels in buildings caused by footfall and other types of floor contact. Unifloor strives to offer suitable solutions for virtually every conceivable type of flooring and floor structure and to strengthen trust in its products by maintaining high quality standards. One of the ways it does that is by offering comprehensive warranties. Besides expanding its successful and certified Jumpax® dual underlay system with the "Universal" variant - suitable for both renovation and new-build projects - ahead of DOMOTEX 2020, Unifloor Underlay Systems will soon also offer access to the warranties for these products via a web application.

The web application Unifloor is unveiling in Hannover aims to make it easy for specialist dealers to request warranties for Jumpax® underlays by generating the certificates automatically and sending them directly to the customer. The service will be available after DOMOTEX 2020 via "". Once users have registered, they can request warranty certificates for any Jumpax® product and even access previously acquired certificates. Over the coming months, Unifloor plans to further enhance its web application by adding floor installation instructions and product information.
Unifloor GmbH (41069 Mönchengladbach, Germany), Hall 13, Stand C24
Contact: Rüdiger Dicke
Tel.: +49 1749192030
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Sometimes seeing red is a good sign
The IVC Group is lending rooms a warm, cozy and, above all, quiet feel with the new LayRed vinyl flooring collection from its Moduleo brand. Visitors to DOMOTEX 2020 will recognize these innovations by their distinctive red-colored backing.

The IVC Group’s showcase at DOMOTEX 2020 features designer floors that are said to be robust, quiet, elegant and extremely soft to the touch. It's time for the new LayRed floors from the Moduleo brand. Their trademark built-in red backing is intended to make these high-quality floors unmistakable and demonstrate that LayRed flooring meets the difficult demands involved in creating a perfect ambiance indoors.

Engineered as multi-layered vinyl flooring, the LayRed products aim to combine stylish design with first-class comfort while ensuring extreme durability. According to the manufacturer, these click-in floors are as tough as tiles or solid wood. Nonetheless, they are said to be easy to install under any conditions - even in awkward settings. This is down to the integrated backing, which its developers promise offers excellent soundproofing and effectively levels out any unevenness - a key feature, as uneven substrates can pose a real challenge in renovation projects. Indeed, with their robust core and built-in backing, LayRed floors are well equipped for successfully bridging gaps or irregularities in existing surfaces. What's more, they can be paired with equally robust end profiles and used with underfloor heating systems. Available in seven designs with a tiled or floorboard look in over 30 nature-inspired color tones, the floors on show at DOMOTEX 2020 are undeniably versatile.
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