Taking to the floor on home turf
As the winner of multiple Carpet Design Awards, a self-proclaimed child of DOMOTEX and the creative mastermind behind RUG STAR, Jürgen Dahlmanns is at DOMOTEX 2020 in Hannover to debut three of his latest creations.

Ever since Jürgen Dahlmanns founded RUG STAR GmbH in 2002, the company has combined two of his passions - hand-woven Tibetan rugs and contemporary design. Not only are Dahlmanns' creations sold in RUG STAR's own stores in Berlin, Augsburg, Zürich and Beijing, the company also has relationships with numerous sales partners around the world. Dahlmanns' very modern approach to rug design is heavily influenced by his background as an architect. He has the "tendency to view his work as a liberal form of creating space within a space" so that his pieces can be used for their original purpose - as space-creating objects without any additional obstacles.

RUG STAR is at DOMOTEX 2020 to once again showcase an extensive selection of exhibits. Besides checking out well-known designs and creations, visitors can also look forward to three trade fair exclusives this time around, including the new colorful "Eden New Butterfly" collection, which is part of the Paradise cycle. Designed to reflect the aesthetics from around the turn of the 19th century, "Eden New Butterfly" marks a new chapter in Dahlmanns' canon of narrative patterns. The other two works making their debut are "NewTribalHeart" and "Hard Boiled Splash No. 07, GoldCoral" - both equally exquisite pieces of craftsmanship.
Rug Star GmbH (10178 Berlin, Germany), Hall 3, Stand F23
Contact: Jürgen Dahlmanns
Tel.: +49 30 308 75447
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Flooring the competition with high tech!
ESTA PARKET, an Estonian specialist in high-quality parquet floors, is gracing DOMOTEX 2020 with a whole host of innovations, including the exclusive premiere of a new take on the classic chevron pattern.

Founded in Estonia in 1991, TECHNOMAR & ADREM AS is a family-run business that produces high-end parquet floors under the ESTA PARKET brand, some 95 percent of which are exported to more than 40 countries in Europe, America and Asia. To ensure it could offer high-quality products right away, the company began using the latest technologies from the very outset - with great success. The results of tests carried out by independent laboratories show that the quality of ESTA PARKET is at least equal, and often superior, to that of other premium parquet manufacturers - especially when it comes to the quality of the finished surface.

The company is bringing a whole host of innovations to DOMOTEX 2020. These include an extremely stable, plywood-based parquet floor with a thin top layer, an expanded herringbone range based on ash, merbau and walnut, new special, matt-coated designs intended to visually recreate the properties of oiled surfaces and other brand-new designs and colors. Other highlights included in the company’s showcase include a new VOC-free adhesive system and affordable one- and three-strip patterns with a click-lock system. And, last but not least, the new variant of the classic chevron pattern we mentioned at the beginning is making its debut at DOMOTEX 2020.
ESTA PARKET / TECHNOMAR & ADREM AS (74114 Maardu, Estonia), Hall 13, Stand B92
Contact: Vladimir Vastrik
Mobil: +372 6 034802
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Save time at work and go home earlier!
The new and improved "Xtra" range MAPEI is showcasing at DOMOTEX 2020 is the Italian construction chemical company's solution for saving time in floor installation.

MAPEI and its German branch are in Hannover representing the world's largest manufacturer of construction chemical products for installing wall and floor coverings. The company's international growth strategy, which was established in the 1960s and has been successfully implemented, went hand in hand with a consistent focus on customer proximity, local markets and short transport routes. Following the launch of the "Xtra" product line in 2019, MAPEI now has a new range of optimized fillers in its portfolio that has been designed to free up a great deal of "Xtra" time for floor layers. Thanks to their enhancements, the five new products in total that are on show at DOMOTEX 2020 are replacing the previous PLUS range and are therefore part of the 2019 "Freunde fürs Legen" (floor-laying friends) campaign in Germany.

The new product line has been born out of MAPEI's unceasing determination to continuously review and adjust its portfolio to suit the specific problems on construction sites and the needs of the people working with the products. Each of the five new fillers has been formulated to deliver outstanding optimized properties in its particular class. MAPEI talks about going the "Xtra" mile, which is reflected in the product name. A key concern in this latest round of product improvements was time. The "Xtra" range of fillers aims to help floor fitters and parquet layers save valuable time in three distinct ways - in preparation, drying and laying work.
MAPEI GmbH (63762 Grossostheim, Germany), Hall 13, Stand C48
Contact: Claudia Schilling
Tel.: +49 6026 50 19 716
Mobil: +49 170 85 23 016
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Recycling tips from a jellyfish!
A group of redesigners exhibiting at DOMOTEX 2020 are showcasing NIAGA - an approach to manufacturing sustainable carpets that is inspired by nature and set to take recycling to a whole new level.

The redesigners behind NIAGA are looking to outsmart complex combinations of toxic, non-recyclable elements in everyday items. They were inspired by the Turritopsis dohrnii, a species of jellyfish that repeatedly regenerates itself and is thought to be virtually immortal. The Dutch group's objective is to rethink everyday items along the same lines, ideally producing them from a basic set of pure materials that can be “reborn” time after time once the product they were used to make reaches the end of its useful life. The start-up's philosophy also includes making products healthier and completely recyclable without compromising on performance - even if this entails a radical change in the manufacturing and business model.

NIAGA is making its debut at DOMOTEX 2020 because the first redesigned product is a carpet. Conventional carpets are made up of complex material combinations that are, to all intents and purposes, glued together for eternity, which means they are currently one of the main contributors to landfill waste. NIAGA has now found ways of meeting all performance requirements applying to a carpet with one single material that is designed to enable easy and, above all, complete recycling at the end of its service life so that it can be "resurrected" as a carpet without using any new resources.
DSM NIAGA (6167 RD Geleen, Netherlands), Hall 11, Stand C03/1
Contact: Lukas Hoex
Tel.: +31 6 20675284
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Wood makes its mark in a nation known for its carpets
Greenlam Industries is at DOMOTEX 2020 to unveil Mikasa - the brand name for India's only manufacturer of real wood floors - which is now making its mark on the global market with a portfolio of over 100 products, including some real eye-catchers.

India currently has around 1.34 billion inhabitants and is destined to take over pole position in the population stakes from China in the medium term. The subcontinent also boasts an unrivaled tradition in carpet manufacturing. Incredibly, however, this vast country has just one manufacturer of real wood flooring. With its Mikasa brand, Greenlam Industries Limited is now looking to demonstrate to the global flooring sector the quality India is capable of producing despite the lack of competition on the domestic market. And what better platform could it wish for than DOMOTEX 2020?

The name Mikasa was apparently inspired by the Spanish saying "mi casa es su casa" (literally, my house is your house). The Indian company reflects the warm generosity of this invitation in its floors and its vision of free-flowing contours in peaceful, healthy and comfortable surroundings. For the makers of Mikasa, each wooden board thus becomes something of a work of art, boasting natural beauty and enhanced with the latest European technology to further emphasize the wood’s qualities and show it off in its full splendor. Mikasa floors are also designed to provide customers with a whole host of inspiring design options to give their homes a truly unique character.
Greenlam Industries Ltd. (New Delhi 110037, India), Hall 13, Stand F58
Contact: Manish Kakkar
Tel.: +91 11 42791399
Mobile: +91 9810432039
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Sustainability that will floor you!
ZIRO's growing commitment to sustainability is leading to an increase in the proportion of cork-based floor coverings in its range, as demonstrated by the numerous exhibits at DOMOTEX 2020. These include Korkplus, which the manufacturer describes as the ideal floor to walk on in bare feet.

Under the umbrella brand ZIRO, Lothar Zipse sells a wide range of wooden, LVT, linoleum, laminate, BPC and, above all, cork floor coverings. Cork is a raw material with particularly impressive green credentials and, with sustainability now on everyone's lips, ZIRO is stepping up its efforts to convince people of the benefits of this unique natural building material. Even the initial extraction of cork is a sustainable process. The bark of the cork oak is generally harvested every nine years. Obtaining this natural material has no negative impact on the environment. On the contrary, farmed cork oaks absorb up to four times as much harmful carbon dioxide in their average lifetime of 250 years than an unharvested oak. Not only that, but the harvested cork can be used in its entirety and is completely recyclable, making the cork oak a true environmental champion.

Visitors to DOMOTEX 2020 can once again see for themselves the numerous impressive properties of cork. Korkplus flooring, one of the products ZIRO is exhibiting, boasts an extra-thick cork overlay and an equally thick cork backing designed to ensure optimum heat, noise and footfall sound insulation - according to ZIRO, properties that make this natural product the ideal flooring for use throughout the home. For the first time, Korkplus is now also being offered as ready-made cork parquet in the new 612 x 440 millimeter short-board format that makes the premium cork floor with its new, largely hand-veneered designs look amazing. A number of large-format boards are also available with a beveled edge that is intended to create a certain sense of elegance and exclusivity. The entire range comes in a wide selection of contemporary colors that allow for even more design scope. What’s more, state-of-the-art processing techniques in line with the German Cork Association’s quality assurance system mean the cork does not surrender any of its natural characteristics. Last but not least, the proven reliability of the UNICLIC system ensures fast, completely glue-free installation.
ZIRO Lothar Zipse - e.Kfm. (79341 Kenzingen, Germany), Hall 12, Stand B27
Contact: Sabine Wahby
Tel.: +49 7644 9119 685
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Six sells!
Known primarily for its wood floors, Futura Floors GmbH is now extending its LVT range to include six new wood designs. The company is also making waves at DOMOTEX 2020 with a new corporate design.

Established 15 years ago, Futura Floors GmbH is best known as a manufacturer of solid, strip and three-layer parquet. However, it has also offered designer PVC flooring since 2014. The company's production operations are centered in Bosnia, where facilities include a sawmill with a joiner’s workshop for a number of pattern systems. There is also a warehouse covering more than 20,000 square meters, from which 15 of the company’s own trucks supply customers across Europe. In total, Futura Floors currently employs around 235 members of staff who work in sales, procurement, production and warehousing. Among the company’s biggest customers is the timber trade and wholesale and retail sectors, which it supplies with own brands.

Futura Floors has two exciting new developments to showcase at DOMOTEX 2020 in Hannover. Firstly, it is unveiling a new corporate design - a new logo and new company colors - and, secondly, it is expanding its product portfolio, particularly its range of designer PVC flooring. Futura Floors is announcing no fewer than six new wood designs for 2020 in the "Vinyl-Klebeplanke" line of adhesive vinyl boards, and the "RCP Design Diele Clic" and "SPC Design Diele Clic" designer tile ranges.
Futura Floors GmbH (96114 Hirschaid, Germany), Hall 13, Stand F65
Contact: Adrie Kuyper
Tel.: +49 9543 418090
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When a tight scrape is no bad thing
A wood floor with a unique aged look is hard to beat, and Trivec is unveiling the ideal solution for achieving just that at DOMOTEX 2020 in Hannover - the SCR270 Scraper.

Depending on what you want to accomplish and what you’re starting out with, the surface treatment for wood floors can differ enormously. Sometimes, a single process is all that's needed, while at other times, achieving the desired finish will require several complex operations. These can include mechanical steps such as structuring and texturing and treatment with a wide range of substances such as oils, waxes, stains and varnishes. Based in the Netherlands, Trivec specializes in developing turnkey finishing concepts and supplying custom-built surface-finishing modules to be integrated into pre-existing production lines. These modules can include infrared pre-heating panels, separate polishing units and UV curing equipment.

One of the company's modules is now being unveiled to the public at DOMOTEX 2020. The SCR270 Scraper from Trivec uses two specially designed planing heads to create a unique scraping effect on wood surfaces. By adjusting various parameters such as the horizontal and vertical oscillation speed of both heads, transport speed, scrape pressure, shape and type of blade, users of the SCR270 Scraper can produce a huge range of scraping effects. The machine can be programmed intuitively on its built-in touchscreen, where favorite settings can also be saved for future use.
Trivec International (9262 ND Sumar, Netherlands), Hall 13, Stand D58
Contact: B. Westra
Tel.: +31 512 510035
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Two sides to one impressive display!
Not only is STAUF adhesive technology bringing a whole new stand design to DOMOTEX, it is also staging two trade fair premieres with its WEP 180 multifunctional epoxy resin-based primer and the AKZENT portfolio of sustainable surface finishing products.

"A good company that wishes to survive must remain young, dynamic and mobile and must develop new, creative ideas day after day" - Dr. Werner Stauf was a true visionary and his philosophy is clear to see in the showcase that STAUF is presenting at DOMOTEX 2020. Besides giving its stand a makeover, the company is also exhibiting some remarkable additions to its portfolio. This year, it is aiming to wow visitors with two key innovations - and has split its stand into two sides to highlight the impressive pair.

The first side is dedicated to the multifunctional, solvent-free two-component water epoxy resin-based primer STAUF WEP 180. According to the manufacturer, the numerous benefits of this product could make it a genuine problem-solver on construction sites. For example, it exhibits good adhesion to various materials and is very economical, very low in emissions, suitable for swivel chairs with castors to DIN EN 12529 and can be diluted with water. What's more, it helps to reduce the vapor diffusion rate on surfaces with residual moisture. The second side of the STAUF stand is all about its new AKZENT range - a comprehensive portfolio of surface treatment products for wood floors and surfaces that uses environmentally friendly raw materials.
STAUF Klebstoffwerk GmbH (57234 Wilnsdorf, Germany), Hall 13, Stand F01
Contact: Theresa Löcherbach
Tel.: +49 2739 301154
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