Get stuck in, pronto!
MAPEI, the global front-runner in construction adhesives, is unveiling a new-look stand at DOMOTEX 2018 that reflects its unrivaled status even more closely.

With 70 plants in 32 countries and annual sales of 2.3 billion euros, MAPEI is far and away the global front runner in construction adhesives. Founded in Milan in 1937, the MAPEI Group is renowned for its perfectly harmonized system solutions for fixing everything ranging from tiles and natural stone to textiles, elastic coverings and parquet - both securely and durably. The company is unveiling a completely new stand at DOMOTEX 2018 in Hannover to showcase its end-to-end systems for installing luxury vinyl tiles and wooden flooring and also highlight new products. "We aim to inspire professionals from all over the world who visit our stand. We are demonstrating how many different solutions can be achieved with just one system, leading to new and unconventional methods - all thanks to the endless possibilities unleashed by MAPEI 4 LVT," says Angelo Nobili, Corporate Resilient and Sport Lines Director for the MAPEI Group.

Two MAPEI products will take center stage during DOMOTEX 2018 - TOPCEM and TOPCEM PRONTO. TOPCEM is a special hydraulic binding agent that ensures screed dries extra-fast after the usual application time. It can be used to create compound screeds, screeds on separation layers and insulation, and heating screeds. Suitable for both interior and exterior use, TOPCEM is the perfect choice where screeds need to dry and be ready for use as quickly as possible. TOPCEM PRONTO is a very low-emission, ready-mixed dry mortar that also takes the usual time to apply but dries quickly and with controlled shrinkage. It is particularly suitable for manufacturing compound screeds up to 35 millimeters thick, screeds on separation layers and floating screeds up to 60 millimeters thick, both indoors and out – wherever the substrate needs to dry and be ready for laying the floor without delay. Under normal climatic conditions, a screed enhanced with TOPCEM PRONTO should be ready for walking on after only 12 hours or so, while ceramic tiles and boards can be laid after approximately 24 hours.
MAPEI GmbH (63762 Grossostheim, Germany), Hall 13, Stand C58
Contact: Julia Schlieker
Tel.: +49 6026 5019716
Mobile: +49 170 852 30 16

The whole family’s traveling from Belgium to Hannover
Europe's leading manufacturer of textile floor coverings, the Balta Group, is bringing all of its family members to DOMOTEX 2018 - balta home, balta carpets, balta carpet tiles, ITC, arc edition, modulyss and Captiqs – to showcase its latest innovations.

The Belgian group Balta is focusing firmly on new products at DOMOTEX 2018 to remind us that it stands head and shoulders above the crowd. The divisions balta home, balta carpets, balta carpet tiles, ITC, arc edition, modulyss and Captiqs have plenty of surprises up their sleeves and are once again keen to demonstrate the Balta Group’s robust investment in technological innovations and unique design.

Founded in 1964, the Group is Europe's leading carpeting specialist and a global force in machine-woven carpets and rugs. Not only that, but the Group has also secured a firm and growing foothold in the market for carpet tiles. In the space of just one generation, the Balta group of companies has sky-rocketed from its roots as a family-run business to become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of floor coverings, producing winners such as its arc edition carpets for the contract sector and balta carpets and ITC carpets for retail premises. Captiqs specializes in technical non-woven products, while modulyss and Bentley Mills produce carpet tiles and balta home made-to-measure carpets for the contract sector.
Balta Industries NV (8710 Sint-Baafs-Vijve, Belgium), Hall 11, Stand B04
Contact: Geert Vanden Bossche
Tel.: +32 56 62 23 16
Mobil: +32 496 59 33 16

Nobody does it softer!
The latest carpeting concept from Associated Weavers is called Invictus - offering unrivaled comfort that’s bound to win over even the harshest of judges.

With more than 100 registered exhibitors, Belgium comes second only to Germany in the European league table at DOMOTEX 2018, the world's leading trade fair for floor coverings. The thirst for innovation that really stands out among Belgian suppliers is also a key feature of Associated Weavers from Ronse in East Flanders. Center stage at the company's stand this year in Hannover is taken by "Invictus" (Latin for invincible), its latest carpeting concept, which - as the name suggests - stands for unbeatable comfort that's bound to impress even the most exacting carpet connoisseurs.

The sumptuously dense texture and lavish structure of Invictus stems from the latest generation of solution-dyed olefin (SDO) yarns, named iVinci. This new yarn is designed to produce supremely soft, vibrantly colored carpeting with outstanding stain resistance. iVinci was developed in close collaboration with world-leading yarn manufacturers, drawing on their unique expertise in polyolefin chemical processing using state-of-the-art extrusion systems. The unique form of the SDO yarns and the high-density weave that go into Invictus create its winning combination of exquisite softness, thick pile and extravagant opulence.

Associated Weavers Europe N.V. (9600 Ronse-Renaix, Belgium), Hall 11, Stand A26
Contact: Lynn Van de Wiele
Tel.: +32 55 230211

Grounds for celebration in Hannover!
Based in Cappella Maggiore in Italy, Garbelotto has quite a history of DOMOTEX successes behind it - the company has won awards in competitions three years in a row. The Noblesse Dupla Herringbone wooden flooring collection is the next contender.

Following awards for "hi-Tech", "Modular Herringbone" and the "Clip Up System" at DOMOTEX in previous years, Garbelotto is keen to continue its success story with the "Noblesse Dupla Herringbone" collection, presented for the first time at the trade fair in Hannover this year. Two new versions are on show, featuring two different lengths and three different widths. The concept behind "Noblesse Dupla Herringbone" is inspired by the trend for chevrons, which has taken hold in the both the fashion world and the design scene.

Latching onto this new trend, Garbelotto has played with lengths and widths creatively, resulting in wooden floors that are even more exclusive. Other highlights on show include the Xilema line and the Habitat finish. Xilema is a range created using so-called "dead standing trees" - plants that have died in forests and woods and remained there unused for years. These trunks, which have already lost their sap, produce boards with unique, particularly intriguing grain patterns, delivering a solution that is both environmentally friendly and highly attractive. Meanwhile, Habitat is a line of floors designed to optimize the natural “essence” of wood, thanks to a water full-cycle coating treatment that slows down the oxidation of the boards and leaves them exceptionally matt. An installation expert will also be on hand to demonstrate the laying process and key advantages of the award-winning "Clip Up System".
Parchettificio Garbelotto srl. (31012 Cappella Maggiore, Italy), Hall 13, Stand D60
Contact: Elisa Milanese
Tel.: +39 438 3 38 41

A surprise from Belgium!
Based in Arlon in Belgium, the VETEDY Group is at DOMOTEX 2018 to present its innovative "invisible" systems for fitting wooden terraces and facades, along with a surprise world premiere exclusive to Hannover!

For more than 20 years now, the VETEDY Group has specialized in producing and distributing high-quality outdoor terrace decking and indoor parquet flooring, often making use of exotic wood types. Its success and ongoing growth were sparked by the internally developed Softline system, the first solution for fitting wooden terraces with no visible fastenings. At DOMOTEX this year, the company is showcasing not just Softline but also the innovative Techniclic system, which extends the advantages of invisible fastening to luxury wooden facades, walls and ceilings. What's more, VETEDY also has a surprise world premiere in store - making a visit to its stand all the more exciting.

The newly patented Techniclic system is based on a simple but exceptionally clever concept that saves a significant amount of time over other installation methods. Available in a variety of native species and three different widths, facade components are fitted with the help of the Techniclic clip to slide quickly and smoothly into a notched base rail. The system is designed to ensure precise parallel installation and deliver perfect results every time.
Vetedy Belgium S.A. (6700 Arlon, Belgium), Hall 13, Stand C82
Contact: Christine Baudoin
Tel.: +35 26 21 201 220

Here's the deal - no need to seal!
The CLASSEN Group is at DOMOTEX 2018 in Hannover with CERAMIN Vario on show as a real alternative to classic ceramic tiles.

The CLASSEN Group has made a name for itself as a producer, supplier and full range service provider for both natural wood products and products based on wood and natural fibers. The company develops and produces its floor coverings exclusively in Germany, and is as fully committed to quality as it is to sustainability and using resources responsibly. As the holder of numerous patents and utility models, the CLASSEN Group is one of the key innovation leaders in the industry. This year, the CLASSEN Group is at DOMOTEX to showcase CERAMIN Vario - a real alternative to natural stone and tiles.

CERAMIN Vario is designed as a hassle-free, environmentally friendly solution for renovating and modernizing bathrooms, kitchens and living spaces. Awarded the Blue Angel environmental label for low emissions, it delivers all the advantages of ceramic tiling - and then some. For a start, installation is mess-free and does not require noisy machinery, as a simple cutter or laminate knife is all that is needed. What’s more, thanks to their low weight, even large format tiles are easy to lay on virtually all flat floor and wall surfaces. With an elegant micro-joint to cut out any need for joint sealing, CERAMIN Vario is waterproof and easy to maintain, as well as dimensionally stable, robust and durable. Three different formats are available in a wide range of designs, ensuring a perfect solution for any room.
Classen Holz Kontor GmbH (56759 Kaisersesch, Germany), Hall 9, Stand S0809
Contact: Heinz-Dieter Gras
Tel.: +49 2653 980 7422

Not everything has two sides to it, but these rugs do!
Estonian company Narma OÜ is exhibiting rugs with real added value at DOMOTEX 2018 in Hannover. The patented "two-sided smartWeave rugs" have two equally high-quality woven sides that bring creative variation into the home.

Based purely on exhibitor numbers, China and most notably India are taking the lead at DOMOTEX 2018. However, when it comes to innovative ideas and new products, the Baltic countries are making a particularly big impression. For example, an especially interesting addition to this year’s DOMOTEX - the patented two-sided smartWeave rug - comes from the Estonian town of Lihula where a strong tradition of carpet weaving has existed for decades.

The rug manufacturer NARMA believes its two-sided smartWeave process is pretty much revolutionary. DOMOTEX visitors can make up their own mind about that by getting an in-depth insight into the new weaving process at the fair. Whichever way you look at it, the end result is impressive. Turn over a smartWeave carpet and you notice that the patterns on each side are similar in style but clearly different. This effect is the result of an intelligent, multi-layered weaving process invented by NARMA. The technique which uses a robust border and innovative weave creates the rug's high-quality and stable form. Given that both sides of the natural cotton two-sided smartWeave rug can be used, it really is two products in one.
Narma OÜ (90302 Lihula, Estonia), Hall 6, Stand H44
Contact: Maive Uibu
Tel.: +372 472 5520

Reinkemeier lays masterpieces at children's feet
Reinkemeier - German wholesaler, manufacturer, logistics company and service provider to the interior design sector - is at DOMOTEX 2018 in Hannover to unveil pieces from the "Moré Art for Kids" collection designed by artist Ekaterina Moré.

Born in St. Petersburg, Ekaterina Moré comes from a Russian family of artists and has been living in Germany since 1995. She has made a name for herself in the art scene thanks to her paintings, which have already been exhibited in renowned European galleries. It's no wonder, then, that her work graces the glass and ceramic products of big-name manufacturers and she is commissioned to design public spaces in Germany. Franz Reinkemeier GmbH from the town of Rietberg in Germany has chosen DOMOTEX 2018 to celebrate the premiere of the “Moré Art for Kids” collection, which features some of the popular artist's designs.

A colorful sense of fun and a wholesome harmony come together in the "Moré Art for Kids" collection to make designs with a light-hearted and topsy-turvy positivity. Bold, lively shapes and bright colors develop into enchanting, beautifully balanced pictures whose dynamic composition and charming characters merge together perfectly to create a vibrant end result. Sure enough, the new collection's magical designs will captivate onlookers, both young and old, whilst maintaining a sense of serenity. Ms. Moré is personally presenting the rugs, made using high-quality polyester chenille and available in sizes 100 x 160 cm and 140 x 90 cm, at DOMOTEX.
Franz Reinkemeier GmbH (33397 Rietberg, Germany), Hall 7, Stand C22
Contact: Heinrich Reinkemeier
Tel.: +49 5244-921-0

Persian fruits
Zollanvari, one of the leading manufacturers of hand-made carpets, is launching the new and stunning design "Anar" (pomegranate) from its Designer Isfahan collection.

The Iranian family-owned business Zollanvari, which is based in Embrach, Switzerland, is currently one of the leading hand-made carpet producers. As a result of its profound understanding of local weaving techniques, the company's creations successfully embody the spirit of Persian carpet design, making them unique and timeless. Thanks to its very close personal ties with an extensive network of weavers, Zollanvari remains at the creative helm of inventive and cutting-edge carpet production. This is conveyed in the new, breath-taking creation "Anar" from its Designer Isfahan collection being unveiled at DOMOTEX 2018 in Hannover.

The "Anar" collection, consisting of four pomegranate patterns in total, embodies soul, personal history, the innovative spirit of the time and design excellence in one. Designers Hamideh Jafari and Amir Kolahdouzian took creative inspiration from their fond childhood memories and extensive travels through Iran. The two artists at the helm of the NOV24 design team, which created the "Anar" collection, both come from a similar background. Born in Iran and raised in Austria, they spend most of their time designing and producing hand-woven carpets. According to the company, the designers see their work as a synergy of contrast and similarity from both worlds and are driven by their cultural roots and passion for innovation.
Zollanvari AG (8424 Embrach, Switzerland), Hall 9, Stand C24
Contact: Reza Zollanvari
Tel.: +41 44 493 28 29

The flooring all-rounder
WAKOL GmbH is once again showcasing itself at DOMOTEX 2018 as a premium partner for the trades and has not just one but three innovative product premieres up its sleeve.

A high-quality floor covering laid with the utmost skill adds beauty and charm to the rooms we cherish. Parquet and floor fitters' commitment to achieving complete and lasting customer satisfaction ensures their commercial success in the market place. This commitment is one shared by WAKOL, a developer and manufacturer of product systems for demanding professionals. The advanced products from WAKOL help boost craftsmanship by avoiding risks and saving time. WAKOL is now at DOMOTEX 2018 in Hannover to present not just one but three premieres of pioneering products.

WAKOL MS 292 Parquet Adhesive is the first non-slip single-component tubular bag adhesive for a wide range of applications on absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces indoors. Also new is WAKOL Z 560 Rapid Screed, a fast-drying, low-tension cement screed for use in thicknesses from 20 to 60 millimeters for repairing and remedying flaws and producing compound screeds (from 20 millimeters) and screeds on separation layers and insulation layers (from 35 millimeters) indoors. WAKOL Z 560 Rapid Screed is ready for laying in all thicknesses after just 24 hours. The innovations are rounded off by the WAKOL sealing system for sealing high-moisture areas in domestic environments when retrofitting parquet floorings and elastic coverings.
WAKOL GmbH (66954 Pirmasens, Germany), Hall 13, Stand B23
Contact: Andreas Waldau
Tel.: +49 6331 8001 131

Step by step for fairer conditions
The Swiss association Label STEP aims to ensure fair conditions in the production and sale of handmade carpets and is now promoting the key tenets of its work at DOMOTEX 2018.

Tackling malpractices first requires the recognition that such things actually exist. Yet even once this is achieved, a great deal of energy, stamina and persuasion are usually needed to alleviate these situations or to go as far as transforming them into something positive. The Swiss association Label STEP, headquartered in Bern, has been campaigning for fair conditions in the production and sale of handmade carpets since 1995 and is active in all the major countries for sourcing carpets - Afghanistan, India, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Morocco, Nepal, Pakistan and Turkey. But Label STEP will also be showcasing itself with a stand at DOMOTEX 2018 in Hannover to enable visitors to find out more about its activities at the heart of the leading trade fair for carpets and floor coverings.

The STEP fair trade label is only awarded to carpet dealers who are socially committed to carpet workers. The following criteria need to be met - good working conditions and fair purchase prices, which enable fair wages, no abusive child labor, independent production and sale controls, environmentally friendly production methods and development projects to improve living conditions.

These fair trade standards don't just apply to individual handmade carpets from Label STEP licensees. Instead, the complete range of handmade carpets needs to meet these criteria. The participating dealers also undertake to open up all their purchases and supply chains, allow checks and, where appropriate, initiate improvements in carpet production.
Verein Label STEP - fair trade Teppiche (3007 Bern, Switzerland), Hall 8, Stand D40
Contact: Reto Aschwanden
Tel.: +41 61 271 77 66

Award-winning carpet tiles for a harmonious whole
Winning a design award soon after their launch, LockTiles carpet tiles from Fletco Carpets create the exclusive look of a complete carpet thanks to their innovative design.

In the course of its 70-year history, Fletco Carpets has developed from a small carpet supplier into a manufacturer of carpets for the international domestic and commercial sectors. Throughout this time, it has remained committed to its proud Danish traditions of textile processing for trade and industry - the source of such important values as quality, hard work and precision. In line with these values, Fletco Carpets today is a customer-oriented company that is still family-run and where product development, technical innovation and efficient production are further key watchwords. The company was recently rewarded for this approach with the ICONIC AWARD 2018 for its newly developed LockTiles carpet tiles, which can now be seen for the first time at DOMOTEX 2018 in Hannover.

LockTiles, winner in the "Innovative Interior" category, are a completely new and unique form of carpet tile with laser-cut edges. Their innovative design ensures they fit together perfectly in every direction - regardless of the size of the area being covered. LockTiles thus create a complete, uniform surface with few disruptive transitions at the edges. The new tiles have been developed specifically for customers who expect the best from flat-woven carpet tiles and the benefits they offer while also wanting the exclusive look of a complete carpet.
Fletco Carpets A/S (7441 Bording, Denmark), Hall 9, Stand D31
Contact: Anne Christine Halkjær-Jensen
Tel.: +45 96 603013

Hot off the press!
BINOS GmbH has chosen DOMOTEX 2018 to unveil its BINOS Ultra Press" for highly efficient production of elastic floor coverings and directly laminating wooden materials.

When Ernst Greten founded BISON Werke shortly after the end of the war, he could surely never have guessed that some 50 years later his son Bernd would get a Scrabble-esque kick out of continuing his father’s legacy under a new name - BINOS GmbH, founded in 1999. Taking the mighty bison as its company logo in a nod to its roots, the new company quickly established itself as a technological pioneer in manufacturing mold and press machinery. The company is now unveiling its new BINOS Ultra Press at DOMOTEX 2018 in Hannover under the banner "Take Flooring to a Higher Level".

Specially designed for manufacturing large volumes of thermoplastic products at high pressures and temperatures, the BINOS Ultra Press achieves optimal heat transfer thanks to its integrated heating and cooling zones and a steel strip flushed with liquid. The press uses isobaric pressure, with certain parts also able to perform isochoric pressing, thus providing the option of combining both pressing methods. Each product can be pressed according to the desired temperature curve and under continuous pressure in the heating zone, after which it is actively cooled. The aim is to produce optimum results by achieving a homogeneous structure and minimal tolerances in the different possible thicknesses. What's more, the modular design of the BINOS Ultra Press offers users utmost flexibility with regard to both products and processes. Visitors can see for themselves how the design and functions of the BINOS Ultra Press measure up by inspecting the exhibition model on show at the BINOS stand at DOMOTEX 2018.
BINOS GmbH (31832 Springe, Germany), Hall 12, Stand D10/2
Contact: Corinna Weidner
Tel.: +49 5041 993 22

Far from wet behind the ears!
UNILIN from Wielsbeke in Belgium, which is known among other things for its Quick-Step brand, is showcasing a further refined water resistance technology for additional, unchamfered laminate collections at DOMOTEX 2018.

Laminate flooring has long been winning over customers thanks to a whole host of advantages such as versatility, durability and impressive designs - and is therefore rightly regarded as an attractive solution for interiors. This type of flooring became even more popular when UNILIN launched a water-resistant chamfered laminate in 2014. At DOMOTEX 2018 in Hannover, the leading flooring manufacturer is once again setting the bar higher for the competition. The water resistance technology is now being used in an increasing number of collections with unchamfered boards.

The innovative technology is based on three measures - compressing the chamfering during production, applying a water-repellent coating and using a click-in laying system with pretensioning. "Together, these three elements guarantee a waterproof end product. The technology has proved to be perfect for chamfered boards but we were looking to use it for even more collections, so we took our innovation work to the next level,” explains UNILIN’s Head of R&D Laurent Meersseman.
UNILIN bvba - division flooring (8710 Wielsbeke, Belgium), Hall 12, Stand B58
Contact: Sophie Hautekeete
Tel.: +32 56 67 52 35

Faster than the human eye
Eltex of Sweden is showcasing the full scope of its process monitoring expertise for the textile industry at DOMOTEX 2018 in Hannover. Taking center stage, however, is Eltex Eye - a yarn fault detection system for tufting machinery.

Anyone lucky enough to see a state-of-the-art weaving loom at work will question how such a complex and delicate process can be so fast yet so precise. Well, that’s in no small part down to Eltex of Sweden, a global business that has specialized in developing and manufacturing yarn sensors and yarn tension monitors since 1964. The Swedish company also supplies additional equipment designed for monitoring various processes in the textile industry. The sensors on show at DOMOTEX are suitable for weaving machines, warping creels, tufting, spooling and sewing machines as well as a variety of other production machinery.

Take Eltex EYE, for example, a system that has been developed to detect yarn faults on tufting machinery with the aim of optimizing quality and efficiency by driving down the need for repairs and downtime. Eltex EYE is available in two different versions. The yarn sensor in the "Compact" model is positioned between feed rollers and needles and detects 100 percent of missing yarns in the carpet. For the CoTS (Clamp on Tube Sensors) model, however, the yarn sensors are fitted on the tubes between the tufting machine and the creel. This ensures 100 percent of all yarn breaks and end outs are detected -for most types of yarn. The data captured by the sensors is recorded in real time and can be subsequently used for statistics and diagnostics.
Eltex of Sweden AB (283 50 Osby, Sweden), Hall 5, Stand D01
Contact: Karl-Gustaf Lundholm
Tel.: +46 479 536313

KRONO logical!
SWISS KRONO, the world’s largest producer of laminate flooring, is using DOMOTEX 2018 to add even more new products to its already extensive portfolio.

Anyone seeking a truly unique solution for their home will definitely find what they are looking for at DOMOTEX 2018 thanks to the huge range of options. The portfolio on show in Hannover from Lucerne-based SWISS KRONO Tec AG alone should more than satisfy most requirements. “Our new designs and surfaces turn individual wishes and living environments into reality. Our products perfectly meet the need for uniqueness,” says Max von Tippelskirch, the SWISS KRONO GROUP’s Chief Strategy and Communications Officer. The multinational group’s highlights in Hannover feature KRONOTEX, KRONOSWISS, KRONOPOL and KRONOSTAR – four innovations from four different countries.

KRONOTEX is the German contribution to this quartet. The collection offers an impressive combination of traditional and bold designs, three new synchronous surface finishes and a newly developed universal matt solution. The KRONOSWISS collection is the Swiss contribution. It includes a number of high-contrast options with an ingenious combination of light and dark nuances within the same design. Under the KRONOPOL floors brand, the Polish SWISS KRONO team is showcasing three collections - AURUM, PLATINIUM and FERRUM. KRONOPOL PLATINIUM FLOORING alone offers over 20 design and structural innovations.Last but not least, the Russian SWISS KRONO site is presenting KRONOSTAR - a product line that has been updated to over 40 items, including 27 new designs in thicknesses ranging from 7 to 12 millimeters.
SWISS KRONO Tec AG (6004 Lucerne, Switzerland), Hall 12, Stand C36
Contact: Frank Roth
Tel.: +49 30 206 206 914

Teak decks are so yesterday

friedola 1888 is at DOMOTEX 2018 with an extensive range of high-quality "Made in Germany" floor coverings, table covers and yoga mats made from synthetic and natural materials. The "Poligras" flooring for outdoor applications is set to be one of the major highlights.

So far, it seems that nobody has been able to produce artificial grass that quite matches the look and feel of the original. However, specialists in this field have certainly been getting closer and have achieved spectacular results - including products designed to meet challenges that natural grass really can't match. One company that has been particularly successful in developing alternatives that still stay true to the original in terms of look and feel is friedola 1888 GmbH, exhibiting at DOMOTEX this year in Hannover.

With a total of 12 table cover and 5 flooring qualities plus a wide range of sports and functional mats on show in over 100 designs and color combinations, one highlight that visitors are sure to head for is the "Poligras" flooring for outdoor applications. Like all friedola 1888 products, “Poligras” is manufactured in Germany and is exceptionally resistant to fading and the effects of salt water. As a result, it is ideal not just for more conventional environments such as terraces, balconies and entrances, but also for recreating the comfort of a grassy lawn on ships.
friedola 1888 GmbH (37276 Meinhard, Germany), Hall 11, Stand A55
Contact: Désirée Derin-Holzapfel
Tel.: +49 5651 303 500

Quality goes large
The HOCOwoodlink 2.0 real wood boards being unveiled at DOMOTEX 2018 benefit from proven Hoco quality but their new, larger size opens up additional possibilities in interior design.

With a history dating back over 60 years, HocoHolz Hofstetter & Co. Holzindustrie GmbH has become one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of branded goods, including innovative skirting boards and high-quality parquet flooring. As at the outset of this success story, HocoHolz is still committed to traditional craftsmanship and the "Made in Germany" seal of quality. The current range features solid wood, veneered and foil-coated skirting boards plus special two- and three-ply parquets. The portfolio is rounded off by handrail systems and stairs. At DOMOTEX 2018 in Hannover, the Bavarian company is adding a new format to its tried-and-tested parquet range.

With its new 2,200 x 195 x 10.8 millimeter boards, HOCOwoodlink 2.0 opens up additional interior design options. The current total of five parquet formats and 19 surface finishes means all rooms can be planned to suit individual, customized requirements - with 5G click connection as standard for floating flooring solutions plus tongue and groove connection for bonded laying if required. The new parquet format is based on the proven three-ply structure, with a 2.5 millimeter real wood top layer made from high-grade woods for stability and a highly compressed fiberboard base layer. From a simple floor renovation to laying on state-of-the-art underfloor heating - the low thickness of just 10.8 millimeters and the associated excellent heat transfer resistance also make this HocoHolz board highly versatile.
HocoHolz Hofstetter & Co. Holzindustrie GmbH (84307 Eggenfelden, Germany), Hall 12, Stand C17
Contact: Marina Feilhuber
Tel.: +49 8721 702 110

Call the doctor!
Specializing in PU sealing products for resilient floor coverings, the Dr. Schutz Group is at DOMOTEX 2018 to present a range of pioneering ecological innovations and user-friendly service tools ideal for both large-scale and workshop use.

The booth manned by the Bonn-based Dr. Schutz Group at DOMOTEX 2018 in Hannover is inspired by the idea of "paying a visit to friends". Armed with a range of culinary delights, the focus for the well-established family-run company this year is on showcasing its creativity with ecological innovations. World premieres set for the markets include newly developed 2K PU sealers that are completely free from solvents and isocyanates. After all, clients and project planners in sensitive healthcare environments are often subject to particularly strict regulations and are increasingly on the lookout for "green" products. The innovative solutions presented by the Dr. Schutz Group are designed to meet the high expectations of this target audience ahead of any statutory requirements.

One prime example is PU NEO, offering natural, durable protection for PVC, rubber and linoleum floor coverings with smooth or slightly structured surfaces as well as epoxy and poured PU floors. PU NEO was developed to maintain all the classic advantages of the leading range of Dr. Schutz PU sealing products - while also being completely free from solvents and isocyanates. Based on a carbodiimide structure, it delivers exceptional durability and adhesive properties, ensuring a hard-wearing seal, excellent elasticity and resistance to colorless chemicals. What's more, this water-based PU sealer is non-slip, does not require special safety labeling, and can be combined with all Dr. Schutz PU sealer additives.
Dr. Schutz GmbH (53175 Bonn, Germany), Hall 13, Stand D45
Contact: Marina Mühlbauer
Tel.: +49 228-95352-34

Moisture-friendly customization
Werner Krebs has been offering specially oiled parquet flooring that is also ideal for kitchens and bathrooms under the PARKETTE.CH brand for 16 years and the Swiss family company is now bringing its latest surface creations to DOMOTEX 2018.

One of the key features of DOMOTEX 2018 in Hannover is the wide range of exhibitors. Global multinationals with ever more extensive ranges vie with each other but can also find themselves next to a family company that is passionate about one of the many niche markets that a diverse sector such as floor coverings will inevitably include. One such company is run by Werner Krebs from Amriswil in the Swiss canton of Thurgau. The specially oiled wooden floors he offers under the PARKETTE.CH brand are also the perfect solution for kitchens and bathrooms.

At the dawn of the new millennium, Werner Krebs decided his company would focus on the surface treatment of untreated parquet flooring. Since then, PARKETTE.CH has launched an incredible 1,500 different surface finishes and, thanks to this exceptional know-how, is now able to produce customized finishes catering to individual requirements. In addition to this amazing variety, which is being further extended at DOMOTEX 2018, the parquet flooring from Switzerland has another very special feature. Thanks to the huge quantities of high-quality oils worked into the woods - including at the edges - Werner Krebs flooring can readily be laid in traditionally damp rooms. So it’s possible to climb straight out of the bath onto a warm, luxury wooden floor without having to worry about creating puddles.
Werner Krebs AG – (8580 Amriswil, Switzerland), Hall 13, Stand C80
Contact: Werner Krebs
Tel.: +41 71 4113093

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