Where high quality and clear conscience go hand in hand!
Alongside laminate and luxury floor coverings, the wineo brand from Windmöller also includes PURLINE - the first elastic floor covering made almost exclusively from renewable materials and natural fillers.

The family-owned German company Windmöller is known for its wineo brand of innovative, high-quality floor coverings in more than seventy countries around the world. The stylish elastic floor coverings in the wineo range are hard-wearing, durable and easy to maintain. They are perfect for both the residential and contract sectors - from offices, restaurants, kindergartens and schools through to trade fair and store design, public administration and health care environments. In all of these areas, demand is increasing for contemporary flooring solutions based on ecologically sound components and production methods. This is where the wineo PURLINE organic floor covering comes in, made almost exclusively from renewable materials and natural fillers - without PVC, chlorine, plasticizers, solvents or any other harmful substances.

On show at DOMOTEX 2018 in Hannover, the organic PURLINE floor covering is made using up to 90 percent renewable materials and natural fillers such as chalk, rapeseed oil and castor oil. These components are not just good for the environment - their results are esthetically spectacular, too. What's more, wineo PURLINE is just as hard-wearing and easy to maintain as its conventionally produced “relatives” in the range, as well as being odor-neutral and free from harmful emissions. It does not contain any substances that pose a health risk, yet is still reliably resistant to solvents and chemicals.
Windmöller Flooring Products WFP GmbH (32832 Augustdorf, Germany), Hall 9, Stand F26
Contact: Annika Windmöller
Tel.: +49 5237 609-0
E-Mail: info@wineo.de

Extracting fine particles is absolutely fine!
HTC Floor Systems, now part of the Sweden-based Husqvarna Group, is showcasing the innovative HTC D60 dust extractor for the first time at DOMOTEX 2018. Fully compatible with the DURATIQ platform, the HTC D60 is designed for optimizing remote-controlled grinding processes.

The Husqvarna Group's acquisition of HTC Floor Grinding Solutions in March 2017 has boosted the Swedish company's expertise in both flooring solutions in general and floor grinding preparation processes in particular. As one of the first products of this new collaboration, the HTC D60 is celebrating its premiere at DOMOTEX 2018 in Hannover. The HTC D60 has been specifically developed for floor grinding, and is ideal for use with the popular DURATIQ platform of grinders. Thanks to the innovative technology that the HTC D60 delivers, users benefit from remote connection capabilities, continuous operation, improved ergonomics, lower service needs and a better working environment.

The dust that forms during floor grinding and polishing can become a health hazard if users are exposed to it for too long, so the HTC D60 is designed to extract it - without causing unnecessary downtime or reduced performance during the grinding process. Effective machinery control is crucial here, which is why the HTC D60 is equipped with a digital control panel (HMI) to help monitor the dust extractor's key functions. A 3.5-inch LCD display keeps users clearly informed on all the critical data required for optimal dust extraction – including airflow, pressure differential and filter status. The dust extractor can be started and stopped via remote connection to a DURATIQ grinder, which also allows filters to be cleaned and important notifications to be shown on the grinder or remote control unit. All of this frees up users to focus on the floor itself, ultimately saving both time and money.
Husqvarna Deutschland GmbH (89079 Ulm, Germany), Hall 13, Stand C12
Contact: Stefanie Bitterhof
Mobile: +49 151 12191290
E-Mail: info@husqvarna.de

Find your inner peace on this carpet!
The machine-made carpets in the "Casa" collection from Modivia deliver the same look and feel as handmade carpets, with unique effects and expressive colors creating the perfect aura for well-loved living spaces.

In the fast-paced modern era of consumerism, high-speed data exchange and fears for the future, slowing down is often a welcome relief. But restoring this hectic world to a calmer, more life-affirming track is a real challenge. For its part, the “House of Modivia” creates products that are unique in their simplicity, enriching the comfort of living spaces to become places of genuine wellbeing. The "Casa" collection from Modivia is celebrating its premiere at DOMOTEX 2018 in Hannover.

The "Casa" collection combines fine embroidery with simple lines to create a tranquil and serene space away from everyday distractions. Warm neutrals such as crème, taupe, gray and beige form the foundations, with the occasional hint of chocolate or espresso brown for contrast. The soft tones of the "Casa" collection deliver an invigorating composition of light and color, mixing old and new to suit our times perfectly. The designs are created on tried-and-tested polyester and acrylic to optimize quality, and all carpets in the collection are washed after production to remove loose yarn. The materials used also ensure a soft touch and vibrant colors, with the polyester delivering high durability and resistance to most chemicals, as well as protecting the carpets from wrinkling, stretching and shrinking.
Modivia B.V. (5915 JA Venlo, The Netherlands), Hall 6, Stand B53
Contact: Stefan Baan
Tel.: +31 773 902 888
Mobile: +316 51 260 074
E-Mail: info@modivia.eu

Adhesive - the new generation!
Where better to reveal the secret behind a series of mysterious new fillers than at the prestigious international trade fair DOMOTEX 2018? Stauf Klebstoffwerk GmbH is rolling out the red carpet in Hannover for the spectacular launch of its latest campaign.

The tradition-steeped company is building suspense in the run-up to DOMOTEX 2018 and keeping its lips tightly sealed about its three new star products. All the adhesive specialist from western Germany will say is that all will be revealed at the forthcoming world-leading trade fair for carpets and floor coverings. Other than that, all we know is that the slogan "Ultimate performance on the ground" will be used to launch the new series of Stauf fillers at the grand unveiling at DOMOTEX 2018.

As ever, Stauf will invite the audience to "Experience adhesive technology" at this special product premiere. There will be plenty of ways to explore the full spectrum of its flooring technology portfolio, including both hands-on and multisensory experiences! The new stand design will show images of construction sites and projects along with videos of the application process to give some idea of the brand’s diversity. Stauf is sure to attract visitors with this chance to hang out and enjoy the show. There will be plenty of examples of applications, sample set-ups and exhibits for visitors to feast their eyes on. On that note, a special catering team will also be offering tempting delicacies at the Stauf stand, not to mention a few sweet surprises. The icing on the cake surely lies in the promise that orders placed during DOMOTEX 2018 will qualify for a special trade-fair reduction. That's certainly one treat not to miss.
STAUF Klebstoffwerk GmbH (57234 Wilnsdorf, Germany), Hall 13, Stand G83/1
Contact: Carlotta Walter
Tel.: +49 2739 301-0
E-Mail: carlotta.walter@stauf.de

Conscious action versus ignorance
Anyone buying a precious hand-knotted carpet nowadays should be safe in the knowledge that it has not involved illegal child labor. The organization CARE & FAIR - Teppichhandel gegen Kinderarbeit e. V. was formed in 1994 to provide precisely this guarantee. However, its work goes much further than that.

Even today, we still hear reports about children being forced to work, sometimes under slave-like conditions, to fuel the greed of an unscrupulous few. Besides mining and the textile industry, carpet production is one of the sectors traditionally beset by this malaise. In 1994, "CARE & FAIR - Teppichhandel gegen Kinderarbeit" (Carpet Trade Against Child Labor) was set up to combat this practice and has been doing its best to improve the situation, however it can, ever since. The association is running a stand at DOMOTEX 2018 in Hannover to draw attention to this anachronism.

At the same time, CARE & FAIR is acutely aware that it would be unwise to ban every form of child labor outright, as unfortunately children's day-to-day contribution is a necessity for many families' basic survival. With this in mind, CARE & FAIR is performing targeted work in local projects in India, Nepal and Pakistan to help improve these families' precarious circumstances enough to relieve children from this burden. The children’s aid organization Terre des Hommes has observed how well this principle works: "Wherever the social situation has improved and children have had a school they could attend, child labor has disappeared."
CARE & FAIR – Teppichhandel gegen Kinderarbeit e.V. / Carpet Trade Against Child Labor (22453 Hamburg, Germany), Hall 2, Stand A25
Contact: Peter Fliegner
Tel.: +49 40 5116057
E-Mail: europe@care-fair.org

It’s… concrete, of course!
Forbo Eurocol is showcasing a series of new floor-enhancing products at DOMOTEX 2018 in Hannover in the form of two seamless liquid floors called LiquidDesign and MultiTerrazzo and its BetonDesign floor and wall covering.

The Forbo multinational group of companies has made a name for itself in both floor coverings and ingenious movement systems. In its ongoing quest to find high-quality, innovative solutions to expand its interesting and diverse portfolio, the German branch Forbo Eurocol, based in Erfurt, has hit the mark yet again. At DOMOTEX 2018 in Hannover, it is showcasing a series of new floor embellishment products in the form of two seamless liquid floors called LiquidDesign and MultiTerrazzo and its BetonDesign floor and wall covering.

Forbo Eurocol BetonDesign is a single-component floor and wall covering based on synthetic resin. Once applied, it is sealed with a high-quality, extremely abrasion-resistant, dirt-repellent coating. Different spatula and grinding techniques - offered exclusively by authorized professional fitters - can be used to create an almost unlimited range of structural finishes with Forbo Eurocol BetonDesign. The unique surface and structure this lends to each room can be finely tuned to reflect the customer’s personal taste.
Forbo Eurocol Deutschland GmbH (99091 Erfurt, Germany), Hall 12, Stand D66
Contact: Christian Müller
Tel.: +49 361 730 41 57
E-Mail: info@forbo.com

Good service lays the foundation for successful craftsmanship
At DOMOTEX 2018, Döllken-Weimar is placing dialog between industry and the trades center stage with its focus on service topics - including plans to expand its digital service for tradesmen.

Döllken-Weimar GmbH has established an outstanding reputation within the construction sector based on its systematic solutions for handling baseboards during the 25 years and more that it has been in business. Whether soft baseboards or its patented Solidcore baseboards, the company from Weimar in Germany always strives to ensure top-quality workmanship and less time spent fitting on site. The aim is to develop products that are perfectly suited to the professional needs of the construction sector - and judging by the high demand that Döllken-Weimar reports, it seems to have hit the nail on the head.

The company is placing service topics for tradesmen at the heart of its showcase in Hannover. This includes presenting plans to expand its digital services for tradesmen to offer live advice on construction sites providing fitters with agile, real-time support. Applications support is also to be upgraded to provide more one-to-one training, expand the sample service and offer many new videos on special techniques. "Fitters will also have the chance to watch live demonstrations on how to install baseboards quickly and neatly," reveals Hartwig Schwab, one of the two managing directors of Döllken-Weimar. "What's more, we are showcasing a series of new product innovations and further developments that, like so many of our products, have evolved organically in response to our customers' needs. As a result, they meet market requirements precisely."
Döllken-Weimar GmbH (99428 Nohra, Germany), Hall 13, Stand E31
Contact: Juliane Bettinga
Tel.: +49 3643 4170-450
E-Mail: juliane.bettinga@doellken-weimar.de

Back to the Future 4.0
The newest member of the design family at Corà Parquet is FABBRICA 4.0, a new take on the quintessential industrial wooden floor with its rectangular planks laid using the traditional connection system on preformed wooden struts.

When the creative minds at Corà Parquet focus on industrial wooden floorings, it’s not mass-produced parquet they're interested in, but much rather the wooden "leftovers" used in the 1960s to lay imposing floors in industrial buildings. These were basically an early example of recycling. The differently sized offcuts of a variety of woods were used to create a cost-effective floor covering that was also extremely robust and unique - a concept that seems to merit reprising today, or so Corà Parquet firmly believes. The company from Italy is attending DOMOTEX 2018 in Hannover to showcase its new FABRICA 4.0 collection in northern Europe for the first time.

This new version of the iconic industrial wooden floor reprises its rectangular block form under the name FABBRICA 4.0. The many variations of light and dark elements can be combined to form a natural or vintage-effect surface pattern. FABBRICA 4.0 is also reviving the flooring’s good soundproofing properties, its thermal comfort thanks to wood's natural insulation, and its ability to even out any slight unevenness in the floor underneath. This revival is all thanks to an innovative product philosophy, which brings the concept of solid wooden floors up to date and should make laying the floor nice and easy thanks to a plywood core.
Cora Domenico & Figli SpA (36077 Altavilla Vicentina, Italy), Hall 9, Stand G26/1
Contact: Enrico Olivieri
Tel.: +39 0444 372719
Mobile: +39 348 4050894
E-Mail: info@coralegnami.it

All that jazz!
Baltic Wood from Poland has chosen DOMOTEX 2018 for the premiere of its "Jazzy Floors" collection of solid ash wooden floors, with musical accompaniment starring jazz saxophonist Aretha Chmiel.

Besides showcasing the latest furnishing trends, current products and high-quality natural wood floors, the Polish specialist in solid wood floors Baltic Wood is unveiling its exciting new ash wood collection "Jazzy Floors" at DOMOTEX 2018. And what better way to create the perfect setting and mood than with music performed by Polish virtuoso saxophonist Aretha Chmiel?

The Jazzy collection comprises six different popular shades of ash wood floors including dark walnut, caramel, anthracite and pearl. The new collection is designed to capture the timeless essence of the early 20th-century jazz scene in a way that beautifully complements classical and contemporary interiors alike. The spirit of this era and the artistic inspiration behind the new collection are further accentuated by the unconventional design of the company’s trade fair stand. Bold hues of timeless, sleek black and brown form an elegant background to an arrangement of original images of jazz musicians to create a unique atmosphere and the perfect setting for this musical journey back in time performed by saxophonist Chmiel.
Baltic Wood S.A. (38-200 Jaslo, Poland), Hall 12, Stand D26
Contact: Magdalena Marek
Tel.: +48 13 491 65 00
E-Mail: info@balticwood.pl

Tiles to drive you up the wall!
"Evolution Vertical", the latest addition to the VIRAG Evolution range, delivers the first luxury vinyl tiles specifically designed for use on walls.

Using floor coverings to decorate walls is hardly breaking news nowadays. However, it’s far less common for a flooring specialist like Italy's VIRAG to develop its own dedicated wall covering collection. "Evolution Vertical", the latest product in the VIRAG Evolution range, marks the first time the developers have focused specifically on simplifying application to walls. Visitors can see the promising results for themselves at DOMOTEX 2018 in Hannover.

Thanks to their flexibility, low weight and minimal thickness (1.8 millimeters), the new panels are indeed easy to handle. But the idea behind developing "Evolution Vertical" was by no means restricted to easy application - meeting the needs of the most demanding designers was equally key, as was optimizing value for money. The decorative vertical range is thus perfect for creating an environment enhanced with innovative effects and finishings, resulting in either modern or traditional designs as required, while also ensuring easy maintenance. With its appealing esthetics, price-performance ratio and above all its technical characteristics, "Evolution Vertical" is also ideal for public spaces including schools, universities and administrative buildings.
VIRAG S.r.l. (20063 Cernusco Sul Naviglio, Italy), Hall 12, Stand D69
Contact: Marco Virag
Tel.: +39 0292907238
E-Mail: info@virag.com

And then there was light...
KOVR, the new brand from Depro Profiles, is geared specifically to the project market, with a focus on innovative high-end solutions for the most ambitious architects. Celebrating its German premiere at DOMOTEX 2018, the latest KOVR innovation is LYNES.

Up till now, Belgium-based Depro Profiles has been best known for its skirting boards, flooring accessories, stair renovation systems and solutions in the field of interior design. After 25 successful years in the business, the company is now changing direction. Its new KOVR brand focuses on the project market, delivering high-end products for the most ambitious architects. HYDE, for instance, the first patented product for the new brand, takes existing wall and ceiling solutions to the next level. The product is the outcome of the 5x5 project, initiated by Designregio Kortrijk and allowing Depro Profiles to collaborate with the well-known designer Danny Venlet. By contrast, the latest KOVR innovation is LYNES - the direct result of the company's own creativity.

On show for the first time at DOMOTEX in Hannover this year, LYNES combines architectural elements and light in an invisible way. The secret is a design concept with a fully integrated LED system that creates spectacular effects and makes the light seem to appear from nowhere. With easily controllable light intensity, LYNES can be adapted to suit any mood and comes in original, true-to-nature decors, from light oak and black marble right through to a distinctive golden hue. What's more, thanks to an ingenious click-together system, LYNES is also easy to assemble and remove at any time.
Depro Profiles NV (7780 Komen, Belgium), Hall 13, Stand D59
Contact: Bruno Defoor
Tel.: +32 56 554343
E-Mail: info@depro-profiles.be

Art and craftsmanship - interwoven in Andalusia
Steeped in more than a century's worth of tradition, alp_Carpets from Grenada still creates premium bespoke carpets for today’s connoisseurs. The luxurious "WOOL & SILK" collection is just one of three stunning new lines that the Spanish artisans are unrolling at DOMOTEX 2018.

It was in 1918 that the painter José Pérez Ortiz gathered various groups of craftsmen in Granada’s oldest quarter Albaicín to produce carpets and then founded Alpujarreña, the forerunner of today’'s alp_Carpets. The idea was to fuse the quality of the local traditional hand-crafted work with an eye for unusual design and creativity. Before long, the artisans of alp_Carpets were embellishing their creations with magnificent designs and patterns from major names such as Eileen Gray, Juan Gris, Álvaro Siza, Óscar Tusquets, Javier Mariscal, Federico García Lorca, Guillermo Pérez Villalta, Gordillo, Alcaín, José Guerrero, Alessandro Mendini, Frank Lloyd Wright, Piet Mondrian and Kandinsky. These historic works of art continue to add a distinctive touch to some very prestigious rooms to this day. With no sign of any temptation to rest on their laurels, the Spanish carpet makers remain as creative and cutting-edge as ever with their showcase at DOMOTEX 2018.

Nowadays, alp_Carpets makes carpets to order, using 17 different individual textiles and combinations and with precious natural materials at the heart of each piece. This luxurious basis lends its name to one the new collections that the Spaniards are premiering at DOMOTEX 2018 - "WOOL & SILK". The carpets in question are crafted from equal proportions of each, thus making the most of their special characteristics. The pure new Australian wool provides resistance to wear and elasticity, while the natural silk adds shine and softness. The team adopts the customer’s choice of color, size and shape to produce a carpet that perfectly suits both personal taste and the room it’s designed to adorn.
ALFOMBRAS ARTESANALES LA ALPUJARRENA , S.L.U. (18140 Granada, Spain), Hall 7, Stand A22/2
Contact: Teresa Arévalo
Tel.: +34 958590136
E-Mail: informacion@alpujarrena.com

Wooden floors fit for a castle
The new "Palatino" premium solid wood collection that Mardegan Legno is bringing from from Loc Fanzolo Vedelago in Italy to exhibit in Hannover reprises the opulence enjoyed by former generations of royalty.

It might sound surprising to some, but in highly skilled hands wood still remains the most adaptable, practical, ecological and, quite simply, beautiful of all materials. There has been plenty of evidence in the past of the finesse with which the Italo-Hungarian specialist company Mardegan Legno sculpts solid wood. As the company’s founder Giuseppe Mardegan once said: "Wood is a living material. In handling it, we bow before the beauty of nature."

The depth of the company's relationship with wood not only shines through the appearance of its products, but is a sumptuous treat for all the senses of those lucky enough to afford such exclusive luxury. Mardegan Legno has chosen DOMOTEX 2018 to unveil its stunning new collection named after a Hungarian kingdom. "Palatino" alludes to the pomp of huge palaces, with each and every board designed to exude the rich grandeur of aristocratic nobility and transport us back to the long-gone world of wealthy princes. Visitors to DOMOTEX 2018 are welcome to judge for themselves if Mardegan Legno has triumphed again.
Mardegan Legno Srl (31050 Loc Fanzolo Vedelago, Italy), Hall 13, Stand C96
Contact: Valentina Mariuzzo
Mobile: +39 348 788 91 13
E-Mail: info@mardeganlegno.com

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