Quality floors. Made in Salzburg.
Kaindl Flooring GmbH is positioning itself as a leading innovator at DOMOTEX 2018. The company draws upon decades of experience to produce lavish floors that are rich in character and add their own distinctive twist to nature's blueprint.

Creative minds are not the kind to "make do" with existing solutions, in the certainty that there’s always room for improvement. Leading innovator Kaindl from Salzburg lives by this motto on its mission to "Continuously experience and look at floorings afresh - to appreciate something special." The company is bringing this breath of fresh air to DOMOTEX 2018 in Hannover in the form of its new FLOORING collection. The major appeal lies in its wide range of decorative and surface variations coupled with superlative quality and strong regional roots, or as Kaindl itself sums this up: "Quality floors. Made in Salzburg."

The company draws the observer into six wonderful worlds of contrasting design in its new collection. There's something to suit every taste - from the minimalist mineral tones of the CONCRETE ART theme to the MULTICOLOR references to nature’s finest delights. The vintage ambiance conjured up by the RECLAIMED theme will instantly appeal to connoisseurs of past eras, while the timeless designs of the PLAIN theme would look completely at home in the Ten Forward bar on Star Trek's USS Enterprise. From ENDgrain to FISHbone, the unique patterns at the heart of the FRESH theme have been specially designed with non-conformists and the avant-garde in mind. This impressive new collection is rounded off with the LIFE theme that captures the original essence of floors - sumptuous wood, with its warm and harmonious nuances.
Kaindl Flooring GmbH (AUT-5071 Wals), Hall 12, Stand C26
Contact: Reinhard Lesacher
Tel.: +43 662 8588 3660
E-Mail: office@kaindl.com

A treasure trove of floorings and finishing touches
EGGER is unveiling all sorts of innovations at DOMOTEX 2018. With its two new collections, EGGER PRO and EGGER HOME for professional and DIY customers, innovative services and a new brand strategy, even 340 square meters of floorspace might be a squeeze!

When DOMOTEX opens its gates again in Hannover on January 12, 2018, visitors can look forward to a very warm welcome from this enthusiastic exhibitor in Hall 12. EGGER is a family-run business based in St. Johann in the Austrian Tyrol that has kept on growing since its foundation in 1961 to reach global proportions. The company is already wondering whether the stand will be big enough to showcase all of its offerings, bearing the change in brand strategy and two new collections in mind. Divided into two ranges - EGGER PRO for professionals and EGGER HOME for those who prefer to do it themselves - in future, all products will be launched and marketed under the umbrella brand EGGER and company slogan "EGGER has the answer".

The Laminate, Comfort and Design flooring series have been revamped to reflect the new strategy and relaunched to form part of the EGGER PRO 2018-2020 collection. This flooring and accessories range has been specially designed to meet the discerning requirements of professional users. The new floorings and designs are backed up by the manufacturer's extensive service program, which answers every conceivable question that professionals might ask of a cutting-edge range.

In the wake of its appearance at DOMOTEX, EGGER will then turn its hand to revamping the DIY range, which is sold in DIY and furniture stores, among other outlets. The EGGER HOME collection offers DIY fitters a range of attractive laminate, design and comfort floorings based on a simple, user-friendly click-to-fit system. EGGER provides the perfect solutions to cover all applications in its HOME collection as well. The numerous positive attributes of these floorings are bound to impress - ranging from extra-robust, hard-wearing and water-resistant to warm and exceptionally quiet.
EGGER Retail Products GmbH & Co. KG (D-23970 Wismar), Halle 1, Stand B36
Contact: Michael Gerbl
Tel.: +43 50600-0
E-Mail: michael.gerbl@egger.com

A popular revolution!
COREtec the Original -.a hard floor that its creator, Belgian-born Piet Dossche, has described as 'revolutionary' - is set to conquer the global market at DOMOTEX 2018, thanks to its unique technologies and indestructible character.

The story of the founder of USFloors Inc., Piet Dossche, is like that of the proverbial dishwasher who makes it big in the United States. And since Dossche himself thinks his story is worthy of being immortalized on the big screen, here's a brief synopsis: Dossche built up a huge amount of know-how about the floor covering sector while in junior positions in the industry at home and abroad. In 2001, he felt it was time to establish his own company and opted for Dalton, Georgia, in the USA. After all, if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere, as they say. However, it took until 2013 for Dossche's market and product expertise to culminate in a successful product of his own making. COREtec - the Original is a waterproof, multilayer, floating floor covering with a solid cork attached underlayment. Since then, Dossche has been marketing himself as the originator of the waterproof multilayer flooring sector - and he has a global patent to prove it.

The American invention is now making its way to Germany and will be on show at DOMOTEX 2018 in Hannover. COREtec has a highly scratch resistant and dirt-repellent finish that makes the flooring ideal for commercial use. Thanks to a lifelong warranty for waterproofing, it can also be installed in wet areas without any problem. The natural-looking wood and stone designs in various sizes and surfaces offer property developers and interior decorators a whole range of options, so they should be able to find the right flooring for any room. The integrated cork underlayment eliminates the need to fit separate footfall sound insulation and also compensates for any slight unevenness in the subfloor. The stable click boards do not need to be acclimatized before being laid and can be floated over any existing hard floor. In next to no time, users can enjoy a quiet, warm and extremely robust floor that is a joy to walk on.
USFloors Inc. (US-Dalton, GA 30721), Hall 12, Stand A70
Contact: Jamann Stepp
Tel.: + 1 706 2789491
E-Mail: jstepp@usfloorsllc.com

Nobel Prize, here we come...
Celebrating its premiere at DOMOTEX 2018 in Hannover, the new Multiprotec ECO footfall sound insulation from Poland-based DECORA helps to keep the peace between neighbors and also contributes to saving the planet.

Laminate floor coverings are known for being attractive, modern, cost-effective, easy to clean and very robust. However, the one fly in the ointment is the issue of noise - depending on the quality and use of the flooring, its smooth and relatively hard surface can cause neighbors to hear every single step on it. This can become extremely irritating, and has even led to court cases. The problem is usually solved by installing footfall sound insulation between the base and the laminate covering. But here too things are not easy, with a number of different solutions available, all claiming to deliver the best results. One new contender in this field is Poland’s DECORA S.A. with the Multiprotec ECO underlay, celebrating its premiere at DOMOTEX 2018 in Hannover.

DECORA has billed Multiprotec ECO as one of the most effective parquet and laminate underlays on the market. Optimized in a comprehensive series of trials and lab tests, Multiprotec ECO is reported to reduce the sound of footfall by up to 22 percent, making it ideal for applications where the highest standards are expected. What's more, it also boasts all-important ecological credentials. Made from over 93 percent natural components, Multiprotec ECO is CFC-free, recyclable, toxicologically harmless, and suitable for disposal with household waste. CO2 emissions during the manufacturing process are over 30 percent lower than those for other comparable products. In fact, installing one square meter of Multiprotec ECO is calculated to have the same effect as a newly planted tree!
DECORA S.A. (Pl-63-000 Sroda Wielkopolska), Hall 13, Stand C23
Contact: Paulina Sobik
Tel.: +48 61 2864200
E-Mail: p.sobik@decora.pl

Ideal all-rounder
ZIRO is at DOMOTEX 2018 in Hannover to present Ceralan, a mineral-based floor covering that meets today’s high standards and wide-ranging requirements for hard floors in every way.

Classic and modern hard floors alike now have more benefits than drawbacks. The few remaining limitations mostly depend on intensity of use and the size of the floor space involved. Laminate may weaken in moisture-prone areas, wooden floors don't appreciate excessive stress, tiles usually require greater outlay for fitting, and a constant eye needs to be kept on the dimensional stability of large designer vinyl floors. Anyone looking to address all these issues from the outset is bound to be interested in ZIRO’s alternative. The company is premiering its Ceralan mineral-based flooring at DOMOTEX 2018 in Hannover.

ZIRO is showcasing Ceralan as a floor covering all-rounder thanks to its many benefits. The click-together technology makes Ceralan quick and easy to fit, it is more robust than conventional parquet flooring, it withstands damp environments and has excellent dimensional stability. On large areas up to 1,000 square meters, Ceralan does not require any expansion joints or separating bars. The mineral backing board also conducts the heat from underfloor heating to the surface faster than virtually any other flooring, an experience particularly appreciated by anyone walking barefoot. Ceralan is now available in incredibly realistic wood and stone designs and also features integrated green footfall sound insulation to keep noise levels down.
ZIRO – Lothar Zipse e.Kfm. (D-79341 Kenzingen), Hall 9, Stand G26
Contact: Sabine Wahby
Tel.: +49 7644 9119 685
E-Mail: sabine.wahby@ziro.de

Coming in from the cold…
Siltex AG from the Swiss canton of Lucerne is unveiling its OUTEX outdoor floor covering at DOMOTEX 2018. Combining impressive strength with a choice of designs, it can be used for countless applications - even indoors.

Siltex AG is a Swiss company based in Sursee that specializes in the production and sale of floor coverings. Outstanding innovative strength really makes it stand out from the crowd. In association with selected industry partners, new products are continually being developed, launched and sold to wholesalers and specialist shops. Siltex AG has not only gained recognition on the key Swiss market, but also at international level. Participating in DOMOTEX 2018 in Hannover – the world’s leading trade fair for carpets and floor coverings - is virtually a must and unveiling OUTEX is just one of Siltex’s aims at this event.

OUTEX is a unique flooring solution geared specifically to outdoor use. To meet the associated high demands in terms of design and durability, the non-slip, heat-resistant designer surface covering Vintex, which offers excellent UV and weather resistance, is laminated onto a sturdy, heat-treated plank of wood. OUTEX is so tough that the floor should require no special care or maintenance whatsoever. Thanks to these impressive properties, Siltex is promoting OUTEX as an ideal floor covering for decks, swimming pools, garden paths, gazebos and health spas. It also looks good indoors - in conservatories or restaurants, for example. The variety of woven vinyl designs in conjunction with a wide range of colors opens up undreamt-of customization options.
Siltex AG International Floor-Marketing + Production (CH-6210 Sursee), Hall 13, Stand B10
Contact: Thomas Rebsamen
Tel.: +41 41 926 0 926
E-Mail: info@siltex.ch

Re-weaving history
At DOMOTEX 2018, UK Heritage Rugs is announcing the launch of its new rug collection. The British Museum Rug Collection has been made possible by exclusive licenses from the Victoria and Albert Museum and the British Museum.

Since UK Heritage Rugs was founded in 2006, the British company has endeavored to offer its customers authentic designs that are true to the original. Company owner Brian Sales has four decades of experience as a freelance designer of rugs and runners and has already designed numerous customized rugs inspired by landscapes at the company's base in the English county of Durham. For example, he created an exquisite rug collection for the Royal Horticultural Society as an exclusive licensee. The products are sold through retail outlets, online and at trade shows and exhibitions. Thanks to the licenses obtained in 2015 for exclusive, hand-made rugs for the Victoria and Albert Museum and the British Museum, UK Heritage Rugs has now been able to announce its intention to launch The British Museum Rug Collection at DOMOTEX 2018 in Hannover.

This wonderful collection of rugs in four different designs is inspired by the work of Japanese woodblock printmaker Katsushika Hokusai, whose main claim to fame is his best-known work "The Wave". Sales meticulously transforms Hokusai’s masterful drawings into highly detailed hand-woven rugs that will give any home a wonderful feel of authenticity and tradition. Combining a durable, hand-spun woolen substrate with the finest of designs in soft, shimmering silk, the rugs are only made at GoodWeave-certified companies and boast at least 196 knots per square inch. Each rug is available in two sizes and matches the proportions of the original. Customized versions can also be produced.
UK Heritage Rugs Ltd. (UK-Frosterley DL13 2SF), Hall 9, Stand C25/1
Contact: Judith Sales
Tel.: +44 1388 526454
Mobile: +44 7738333836
E-Mail: info@ukheritagerugs.com

What a corker!
Highlights being showcased at DOMOTEX 2018 by AMORIM Deutschland GmbH, which specializes in high-quality natural floor coverings made from cork and wood, include WICANDERS Vinylcomfort Hydrocork - the first Corktech low-thickness floating flooring solution.

After wood, cork is the other main type of natural flooring that never seems to go out of fashion. The multitude of possibilities offered by cork are just as numerous as its benefits. A proven specialist for selected cork products, AMORIM is renowned worldwide as a trendsetter when it comes to developing high-quality natural floor coverings made not only from cork, but also wood and other materials. At DOMOTEX 2018 in Hannover, AMORIM Deutschland GmbH is now exhibiting exciting products such as WICANDERS Vinylcomfort Hydrocork - the first Corktech floating flooring with minimal thickness.

WICANDERS Vinylcomfort Hydrocork marks a truly revolutionary development based on the existing range of floor coverings. In addition to the established advantages of cork flooring, it benefits from minimal thickness and the newly developed PressFit system for installing floating floors. Corktech also owes its unique technology to the development of an innovative cork core board made from a highly stable, waterproof agglomerated cork composite. All this does not, however, detract from cork’s vital resilience, giving this flooring unrivaled LVT comfort.
AMORIM Deutschland GmbH (D-27751 Delmenhorst), Hall 9, Stand F24
Contact: Kirstin Leinemann
Tel.: +49 4221 59365
E-Mail: kleinemann.ar.de@amorim.com

No more falling down the stairs!
German company Rheingold specializes in renovating old staircases. At DOMOTEX 2018, it is showcasing innovative night lights for staircases based on state-of-the-art LEDs that not only help create a great ambiance but also make stairs far safer.

Rheingold GmbH from Fürth in northern Bavaria actually specializes in modernizing and renovating staircases that have seen better days or no longer fit in with today's stylish interiors. The company has now taken this renovation to the next level by introducing staircase lighting. Thanks to advances in LED technology, a number of entirely new, discreet options are now available. Visitors to DOMOTEX 2018 in Hannover can see at first hand what the staircase specialists have to offer.

The portfolio includes night lights that not only turn staircases into real eye-catchers but also make them safer - a benefit not to be underestimated. The durable, economical LEDs in each step also make the night lights extremely energy-efficient and virtually indestructible. Depending on their taste and the style of their staircase, customers can choose between cold or warm white LEDs. Whichever option they select, the indirect nature of the lighting rules out any unpleasant glare. When installing a new Rheingold staircase, the night lights are integrated using special runners, while the wiring runs invisibly below the new step elements. If the LEDs are unexpectedly damaged, they are easy to replace.
Rheingold GmbH (D-64658 Fürth), Hall 13, Stand A59
Contact: Tina Schümann
Tel.: +49 6253 807687
E-Mail: c.schuemann@rheingold-gmbh.com

Saw IX - not a scream to be heard!
Leitz, the world-leading manufacturer of professional tools for machining wood, wooden materials, plastic and composite materials, is rolling out the red carpet at DOMOTEX 2018 for its newest star - the WhisperCut circular saw blade.

Anyone who lives or grew up in even a semi-rural environment will know the scream of a circular saw only too well. Not to mention how far the noise carries and just how unpleasant it is. In manufacturing environments, sustained noise at this level is scarcely permissible nowadays due to health and safety considerations. That’s why companies are working hard to reduce the kind of noise generated when cutting panels on table, format and standing plate saws - and these efforts inspired Leitz GmbH & Co. KG to develop a particularly user-friendly, pioneering circular-saw blade technology called WhisperCut.

The company is rolling out the red carpet in Hannover to present the first spectacular showcase of its WhisperCut circular saw blade at DOMOTEX 2018. The unique group toothing design makes the blade suitable for cutting virtually all kinds of widely used wood-based panels and solid woods with exceptional quality. It truly lives up to its name by staying absolutely quiet at all times, whether idling or in operation. It doesn't take much imagination to think how this improves workplace ergonomics! What's more, the saw blade's diamond tips and stable tooth geometry ensure extremely long tool life, while the option of sharpening and reusing the blade twice over cuts production costs even further.
Leitz GmbH & Co.KG (D-73447 Oberkochen), Hall 12, Stand D31/1
Contact: Thomas Höchtel
Tel.: +49 7364 950
E-Mail: thoechtel@rie.leitz.org

Haute couture floors
Otto Golze & Söhne GmbH is proudly unveiling its new JOOP! collection at DOMOTEX 2018. These elegant and lavishly crafted carpets are designed to create an exclusive atmosphere in the home.

Family-run Otto Golze & Söhne GmbH can proudly look back over more than 140 years of business success. Even so, the team at the helm prefers to keep its sights firmly set on the future. By holding product development in its own hands, the company ensures it can identify and implement new trends from the word go. At DOMOTEX 2018 in Hannover, the full-range supplier from Lower Saxony - whose portfolio spans rugs, natural-fiber floor coverings, bath mats, stair mats and aluminum profile systems - is showcasing an exciting new collection of carpets designed in collaboration with the prestigious German design atelier JOOP!

True to form, the JOOP! collection of elegant, lavishly crafted carpets is designed to create a luxurious air of exclusivity in the home. Besides this exciting world premiere, Golze is also underlining its traditional strengths - in contemporary, colorful ASTRA natural-fiber floor coverings, luxurious woven carpets in elegant colors and out-of-the-ordinary designs, and a wide selection of mats for decorating bathrooms, trapping dirt or embellishing stairs that are designed to be practical and look great.
Otto Golze & Söhne GmbH (D-31860 Emmerthal), Hall 7, Stand C17
Contact: Verena Köpke
Tel.: +49 5155 959-0
E-Mail: vkoepke@golze.de

A trio of high-profile newcomers!
At DOMOTEX 2018, Auer Metallprofile GmbH is unveiling three new aluminum and stainless steel additions to its already extensive range of profiles.

When German reunification practically reset the clocks in former East Germany in 1990 - even now still known as the "new federal states" - this rang in a new era for daring entrepreneurs. Among these go-getters were Gert Ufer and Volker Rohde, who immediately seized the opportunity by acquiring a production and storage building in the small town of Aue in Saxony to launch Auer Metallprofile GmbH. Having started off with a workforce of ten and two machines, over time the company has not only developed its range of profiles but also grown into a trusted partner to the wholesale sector. Today, 33 members of staff work at the 8,500 m2 production site, which boasts state-of-the-art technology - all designed to keep pace with current and future market demands.

At DOMOTEX 2018 in Hannover, the team is unveiling no fewer than three new valuable additions to its extensive portfolio, which comprises parquet, laminate and click-design profiles, stair nosings and threshold strips made of aluminum, stainless steel, brass and PVC for a vast range of applications. And if that's not enough, Auer Metallprofile GmbH can also supply all sorts of baseboards, stair rods, tile and construction profiles and fixtures and perform laser work.
Auer Metallprofile GmbH (D-08280 Aue), Hall 13, Stand E22
Contact: Manja Ulbricht
Tel.: +49 3771 28 68-10
E-Mail: manja.ulbricht@auer-metallprofile.de

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