• - Feted interior stylist to make guest appearance in Hall 9 on 12 January
  • - New: Blogger Lounge in Hall 9
  • Hannover. DOMOTEX, the world's leading trade show for floor coverings (12 to 15 January 2018), now packs even more interior design and lifestyle inspiration thanks to a guest appearance by Holly Becker, one of the world's foremost interior design bloggers. Holly Becker is the founder of Decor8 – one of the best-known design blogs in the world, with a global following of 1.5 million loyal fans and readers. On 12 January 2018, the German-based American interior design expert and influencer will be taking the stage at the DOMOTEX's new "Framing Trends" showcase in Hall 9.

    As well as contributing to Decor8, Holly Becker is a best-selling author with four books to her name so far. Titled "Decorate", "Decorate Workshop", "Decorate with Flowers" and "Decorate for a Party", they are available in 20 languages worldwide and are a celebration of the fun and joy of interior design. Becker explains: "I love combining the old with the new. The key is not to take interior decorating too seriously. It's not about perfection, it's about finding joy."

    Holly Becker also has a passion for teaching and offers e-courses for bloggers of all levels, from beginner to advanced. She hosted her first e-course on her "Blogging Your Way" portal in April 2009 and since that time has taught more than 10,000 students globally about blogging, social media, interior styling and photography. Her e-courses address fundamental challenges faced by all new bloggers. How do bloggers find their niche? How does the creative process work? What research methods are there? How do I win followers? They also focus on legal issues and provide instruction on blog visual design and implementation. As a teacher, Becker is supportive and nurturing. "I see other bloggers not as competitors but as part of a community," she says. "And so far my courses have been instrumental in starting a lot of people off in really amazing directions."

    Holly Becker will also be sharing her extensive experience at DOMOTEX. Her presentation "How To Collaborate With Bloggers and Influencers to Market Your Products", which runs from 10 to 11:30 a.m. on 12 January, is aimed primarily at exhibitors and other bloggers, but will also offer a wealth of inspiration for architects, designers, interior planners and other DOMOTEX visitors.

    From 3:15 to 4:15 p.m. that same day, she will also be participating in a discussion with other bloggers on future trends in interior design. In between times, she will be taking bloggers on tours of the show, spying out the latest exciting and creative innovations in the floor coverings industry. Her presentation, discussion group and tour will all be conducted in English.

    Blogger Lounge premieres in Hall 9

    Next year, DOMOTEX will feature its first-ever Blogger Lounge. Located in the new "Framing Trends" special display in Hall 9, the lounge will provide a central location where the blogger community can gather, share ideas and reach out to tradeshow visitors. The lounge will be decked out with large-format monitors that will display the participating bloggers' blog and social media posts in real-time. The "Framing Trends" display will also be home to a richly diverse and immersive world of experience that will serve as a central gathering point and source of inspiration for visitors. It will feature studies of current trends plus creative product installations inspired by the show's keynote theme, UNIQUE YOUNIVERSE, itself a touchstone of the product individualization trend.

    About Holly Becker

    Holly Becker has made an international name for herself as a blogger, journalist, interior stylist and author. She is the founder of the award-winning design and lifestyle blog Decor8 ( www.decor8blog.com ) and the popular e-course platform Blogging Your Way ( www.bloggingyourway.com ). Holly Becker is also the international best-selling author of the "Decorate" series, under which she has so far published four books. She has won a string of awards for her work on and off-line and is an international tastemaker with 1.5 million loyal fans and readers worldwide. American-born, she is now based in Hannover, Germany, and divides her time between the USA and Europe.