Designflooring GmbH was established in Düsseldorf in 2004 as the mainland European branch of the 40-year-old U.K. company Karndean. The family-run business is a leading supplier of practical, hard-wearing vinyl floor coverings that look and feel exactly like natural materials such as wood, tiles and stone. The company takes great pride in the quality and properties of its products, and above all its outstandingly authentic reproductions. These designer floor coverings are made from high-quality vinyl that is crafted to measure up fully to the beauty of natural floors, but with the added advantage that they're far more practical and robust. The company's freshly launched, latest creation "Korlok" complements its well-established Rigid Core collection with a host of innovative features.

The developers behind this new masterpiece say it can reduce noise transfer to rooms below by 19 decibels, with no need for a separate underlay. Thanks to its innovative K-core technology, Korlok floorings can be installed on most existing hard substrates, such as tiled floors or parquet, and also even out slight imperfections with ease. What's more, Korlok features a superior 5G vertical click-lock mechanism and pre-fitted acoustic foam backing for quick and easy installation. "Unlike other rigid core products and click-together laminate flooring, Korlok and Palio Core can be scored and snapped for ease of installation," explains Scott Cochrane, the general manager of Designflooring. He continues: "The familiar click-locking system and enhanced core technology mean homeowners can achieve an authentic and luxurious floor in any room with minimal substrate preparation. This means less upheaval and disruption to everyday life." The Korlok collection consists of twelve beautifully authentic designs, all inspired by European and North American woods.

Designflooring GmbH (40474 Düsseldorf, Germany)