Choosing to work with artists, instead of textile designers, Woven Forms challenges the processes of traditional carpet making – and the results are stunning. Ferid Amini, CEO and brand manager Valentina Uggeri come together in this interview to explain more about their unique collection.

For the Flooring Spaces Area at DOMOTEX you’ll be showing works from ten designers, all with different styles. What made you want to collaborate with them? How did the project start?

Ferid Amini: "We enjoy working with artists and try to inspire each other. They bring influences from their world of art, and we bring influences from ours. For Woven Forms, we wanted the artists to have free range. We actually travelled with them to leading weaving factories in Nepal – a kind of cultural exchange. They learned about hand-weaving techniques and materials, and formed their artworks based on the knowledge they acquired."

It seems nature enters into many of the designs. Do you think it was an important part of the artists’ inspiration?

Amini: Nature is a huge inspiration for all of us: it’s in everything we do. For example, the beautiful rug by David Wiseman is based on a morning scene from nature. You look at this art and feel like part of it, looking at the river and the animals waking up in the early morning. Wiseman uses color and texture to create this vision. The Haas Brothers bring extinct creatures back to life through art and textile. Most people don’t realize how many species have become extinct in the last few years. With the unique Haas designs, comes knowledge.

Valentina Uggeri: The picture of their five animal rugs (above) also really represents this project. The collection is unique and peculiar, and exhibits the fantastic work we’ve done together.”

Some of the designs are more abstract, such as the piece from Dana Barnes. Can you tell us more about it?

Amini: Dana Barnes has an unbelievable knowledge of wool. She works on old Caucasian and Persian carpets that have hundreds of years of history and gives them new life. She completely updates their look through application of raw materials and fibers. They are abstract and the complete antithesis of traditional designs.

The UNIQUE YOUNIVERSE concept at DOMOTEX focuses on individualization. How has this trend influenced Amini’s collections?

Uggeri: There has certainly been an increase in demand for individualization. Customers are looking for something special to suit their own individual desires. They want something unique, and the more we are able to personalize every detail of a carpet, the more we will see this trend grow.

Amini: Amini launched a Custom Made collection about six years ago. It started with customers being able to choose patterns and colors but now they can even choose the materials to create quality, one-of-a-kind pieces. We have invested a lot of effort to ensure we keep up with the increased demand for customized items.

Carpet is the ground on which a room is built. With just one small change to the floor, the whole space transforms.

How have you seen this trend grow in the industry?

Amini: In the nineties, almost all magazines featured plain marble, stone, or wood floors. Since about 8 years ago, designers have realized how much carpet changes a room and customers have demanded personalization. Carpet is the ground on which a room is built – it’s the central focal point. With just one small change to the floor, the whole space transforms.

What can visitors expect from your exhibit at DOMOTEX?

Amini: We have been at DOMOTEX since the beginning – we are like veterans! It’s a really positive atmosphere and a huge, international meeting place for our sector. Our display will be simple in order to showcase the designs; we want the rugs to speak for themselves. At DOMOTEX, visitors will see how the artists have created landscapes on carpet.

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